Black flag hanged in Adana Train Station

Adana Flag of the Black Flag was hanged: Ankara Train Station junction 97 killed in the attack of the Peace Rally in Adana, was protested. Black Flag hanging from the Adana Railway Station drew attention.

KESK, DISK, TMMOB, Adana Chamber of Medicine, 12-13 announced that they were on strike in October. The crowd gathered in front of the Metropolitan Municipality due to a bomb attack on the Peace Rally, and walked to Uğur Mumcu square behind the banner, toplan We are in peace, we are in strike an.

Adana Police Chief Cengiz Zeybek came to the assembly area and saw the measures taken.
The crowded group read the names of Adana participants who lost their lives in a bomb attack in Ankara during the march to the Peace Rally in Ankara and were members of the Union of United Transport Workers (BTS).

In the 10.03 which is the time of the attack, read the press statement on behalf of the group in a moment of silence. Karaca said that his suffering was great, iller We are not comfortable until the murderers and the forces behind him are found. Until the accountants of the massacre to account, we will not shut down, we will not be forgiven and will never forgive, Kat he said.
The Black Flag was hung on the train station.

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