Metrobuses from the Netherlands


In the period of former President Kadir Topbaş by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, images of the 2008 bus from the Netherlands were displayed. Buses, which are taken to 50 million Euros and begin to malfunction after one year, are waiting in the garages of Edirnekapı and Hasanpaşa.

BrightAccording to the news of Irmak Mete, IMM metrobüs project, after the bus to search for this line entered. IMM President Kadir Topbas, despite all objections and warnings, Dutch Advanced Public Trasport Systems (APTS) from the company Phileas, 50 decided to buy a bellows bus. Buses were purchased at 1 million 307 thousand 950 Euro, about four times their equivalent. Buses could not adapt to the physical conditions of Istanbul roads. Buses with manufacturing problems and technical problems began to fail one year later. In a short time the vehicles became unusable. According to the information obtained, only one quarter of the vehicles are working. However, they do not come to the service because they are frequently on the road and stay on the road.


An IETT employee explains: ğinde We noticed serious fabrication errors when these vehicles first arrived. For example, the cable connection must be so that it does not get rain. Spare parts are also expensive. They made a constant breakdown. Today some of them are working but no drivers want to use them. He stays on the road. They're waiting in the garage right now. They are used to supply spare parts. I've seen their hatches spilled, their cables out, even in a vehicle. They were taken to millions of euros, all garbage. Milyon


Hakki, a CHP member of the IMM, complained to the former IMM President Kadir Topbas on charges of BB misconduct İ. Topbas defended the case in 2014, threw the ball to IETT and claimed that it had nothing to do with the tender. The court decided to acquit it.

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