The most important criteria when buying housing

The most important criterion when buying a house is transportation: Traffic problems, especially in Istanbul, are annoying to citizens. Istanbulites seeking a solution to this problem find the solution to move to areas such as metro and marmaray where there are transportation vehicles.
said the big city people living in the house changed their buying criteria Century 21 Turkey Chairman Önder Uzel, "especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, and major cities in housing purchases while longer underground, tram, Metrobus, airport, sea, bus, ferry, such as proximity to the ring road criteria are sought. In addition, attention is paid to have places that will fully meet all requirements, at the center of life, away from traffic problems, ”he said.
Pointing out that people do not want to spend their limited time in traffic, Uzel said, “We have spent less time for ourselves in the busy pace of life. Especially the time spent on transportation creates an important loss in our lives. We go to work in the morning, after work we go to another place to shop or spend time with our friends and finally return home. Moving between these points, especially in big cities like Istanbul, causes a serious waste of time. For this reason, people want their seats to be close to public transportation and shopping points where they can meet their basic needs. he spoke.
Önder Uzel said that construction companies had also taken into consideration investor criteria.
“Investors have been more conscious in recent years and they know that buying a house means 'buying a life'. In order to avoid traffic problems, they prefer their workplaces to be within walking distance of their homes, if possible. Among the housing projects, there are places where social needs such as sports halls, hairdressers and markets are met, and people can reach these points with a single elevator. As such, construction companies have been paying attention to making their projects in locations that will meet the expectations of the consumer, taking these requirements into consideration. "



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