Eurasia Tunnel Hike Has Postponed After Elections

Eurasian tunel deed postponed after elections
Eurasian tunel deed postponed after elections

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar, Eurasia Tunnel 'sehven' made announced that the hike is postponed after the elections, he said. Akar, aya April until the time they did not make the hike is likely to pay the state, the operating company. Citizens 1 will joke April, Vat he said.

SözcüBasak Kaya, according to the Eurasian Tunnel 'sehven' made and the delay time after the 5 hail delay will be billed to the citizen.

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar, postponed the election postponement, the amount can not be reflected from the Treasury and the hike will come in April 1 said.

Upon the application of Akar to BİMER, Mehmet Tutaş, Deputy General Manager of Highways said, “The Toll for the Eurasia Tunnel opening year is 4 Dollars plus VAT. This amount has been determined as 31 TL by 2018 January 16,60 on the opening date. As the tolls are determined in foreign currency, they are updated with the US consumer price index every year and 2 is converted into TL at the January selling rate of January and fixed for the following year.

Gerekiyor According to this answer, 2 has to be calculated by using the dollar rate of January. The sales rate of the Central Bank on 2 January was 5.34 TL. So when we hit 5.34 with 4.08, 21.78 pounds. However, the firm has calculated the dollar from the 7.38 while the hike. It is unclear when calculated according to what, ”said Akar.

Ina It does not comply with any of the terms of the contract. 4 has dollars and 8 VAT on percent. This amount is required to be implemented by 1 as of February. Temporal election delay was made. Until April, the hike will probably not pay the state, the operator will pay the company. Citizens will make 1 April joke. For the vehicles that have passed and not passed, money will be transferred from the state deposit, like the same Osmangazi Bridge. Geç (SPOKESMAN)

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