Intercity Railways

Snow Fighting in Railway Lines

Black winter affects not only highways but also train tracks from snow. Snow removal works on the railways in the eastern regions, where heavy winter conditions prevail, just like on highways. [more…]

kocaelide is increasing the number of modern closed stops
41 Kocaeli

Number of Modern Closed Stops in Kocaeli

Stations, which are used extensively in daily life and are one of the basic elements of passenger services, are being renovated. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department within the scope of services carried out by citizens [more…]

joy of skiing
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The Joy of Skiing - Students of Bilgehane

The students who were educated in Bilgehanes serving within the scope of Konya Metropolitan Municipality's Civilization School Project experienced the joy of skiing in the ski resorts in Derbent Aladağ during the semester break. Konya Metropolitan [more…]