izmir street market traffic closed
45 Manisa

Izmir Street Market Is Closed To Traffic

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality's eco-friendly electric bus project on the Izmir Street between the Sheikh Fenari Mosque and Cumhuriyet Primary School road line-painting work will be performed in the area. Metropolitan Municipality on the subject made [more…]

vanda wi fili bus start
65 Van

Van's Wi-Fi Bus is started

Van Metropolitan Municipality, within the 90 bus running free internet (Wi-Fi) period began. Continuing its technology-focused activities, the Metropolitan Municipality has offered a new service to the citizens. Information Technology Department and [more…]

kocaelide airways with social posts started voyages
41 Kocaeli

Buses with Social Message in Kocaeli

Transportation Buses containing social messages belonging to Park A.Ş. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Provincial Security Directorate and Kocaeli University have signed an important social responsibility project. Project [more…]

The main theme of thy science expo 2019da industry 4 0
16 Bursa

THY Science Expo 2019

The world's No., Turkish Airlines, Turkey's largest science festival at the Science Expo 2019 start the application process for the project competition. The main theme of this year's event is 'Industry 4.0'. Mayor of Bursa [more…]