the subway project has a subway project
27 Gaziantep

Ms. Sahin has a Metro Project

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Sahin, 31 March in the local elections will be done if selected, he said. Sahin explaining the election declaration, kent We would like to continue to make Antep a city worthy of the memory of our grandfathers and martyrs. Gaziantep is such a city [more…]

rayhaber english

RayHaber is now in English!

RayHaberFirst in Turkey: The industry's leading internet news portal RayHaber 9. celebrating the age of another by signing a new 65 thousand news in the site by translating the English news presented to the service of our esteemed readers. Average per day [more…]

dhmide public enterprises summit was held
06 Ankara

Public Enterprises Summit was held in DHMI

The meeting for the development of inter-institutional cooperation with the participation of public enterprises managers was held at the DHMI Convention Center. A large number of public business managers attended the meeting. General Manager of Turkish Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ) and President of Turkish Public Enterprises Association. İzzet Alagöz's [more…]

coskun oncelden samulasa farewell
55 Samsun

Coşkun Öncel's Farewell to SAMULAŞ

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General and Samulaş A.Ş. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Coşkun Öncel, said goodbye to the staff of Samulaş General Secretary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, who retired last month and Samulaş A.Ş. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Coşkun [more…]

atsodan kay sur yuz organization
07 Antalya

New Organization From ATSO

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) organized by White to Blue Antalya “Kay-Sür-Yüz Beyaz Winter Sports Organization 9 will be held in February. Antalya Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized by the White-Blue Antalya Yüz Kay-Sür-Yüz iye Winter Sports Organization 9 will be held in February. Winter in Antalya [more…]