Intecro Robotics Stand Out with Production-to-Training Projects

intecro robotics is one of the leading projects
intecro robotics is one of the leading projects

Intecro Robotics, based in Ankara, presents its assertion with its domestic production power, R & D capabilities, engineering knowledge and different projects in education.

Intecro Robotics stands out with its production, R & D capabilities and engineering knowledge as well as its work abroad. In Ankara, Intecro Robotics, which has two different units as engineering and production, Robital, engineering and commissioning activities are carried out under Intecro.

The company, providing turnkey production line, assembly line or special solutions, manufactures welding robots, gantry and pillar robots, sliders and various robot positioners used in industries.

2009 started its activities in 70, about XNUMX personnel are working.


Intecro Robotics mainly engaged in defense industry and general industry projects. In addition to the leading companies of the industry such as Aselsan, Roketsan and Havelsan, Intecro Robotics installed robotic systems as well as turnkey custom engineered unmanned systems.

Domestic engineering products that make a difference in the sector with robot technology companies, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) installation ongoing "Gantry Robot Line" project, between the high-speed train and wagon production lines in the world when completed is expected to have an important place. The line, where a large number of industrial robots are located, consists of three different systems with a total length of 180 meters and even industrial robots.

The company, which currently sells robot positioners abroad, plans to sell systems abroad in 2019.


Intecro Training Club, which is an important project that the company plans to implement in the near future, is preparing to train young people within its body.

At Intecro Training Club, university students will be offered trainings on topics such as robotics, IoT, AR / VR (Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality), Advanced Hydraulics, Cyber ​​Security and Advanced Manufacturing.
As a result of the training which will provide theoretical and practical training from the professional life of the sector, the universities will be given the opportunity to work at the prestigious companies of the industry such as Intecro Robotics and the reputable companies.

The universities will be asked to provide education to high school students in the main branches of technology to be determined. the stendustr)

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