The Joy of Skiing - Students of Bilgehane

joy of skiing
joy of skiing

Students studying in the Bilgehaneler who served in the scope of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Project of Civilization experienced the joy of skiing in the ski resorts in Derbent Aladağ during the semester break.

Within the scope of the project of Civilization School of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Bilgehaneler, which serves thousands of students, organized various activities for students during the semester break.

Within the scope of the services provided by the Bilgehans, students who spent their half term holidays having fun and learning were prepared with various activities in the new period. In this context, students studying at Bilgehevs added color to the semester holiday by skiing at Aladağ Ski Facilities located in Derbent district. During the 6 day-long skiing event, students enjoyed the skiing.

The students who enjoyed the first time skiing said that they were very happy and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for giving this joy to them.

The 2 bin 700 students who were educated in the Bilgehos experienced the happiness of spending the semester holiday by participating in activities such as sports activities, horse riding, pool and cinema.

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