Second Stage to Complete in Gaza Street

to complete the second stage on the Gaza Street
to complete the second stage on the Gaza Street

Konya Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its second stage works on Gaza Street which is the largest street of Meram. When the street, which will be 3,5 kilometers in total, will be completed, it will be one of the important connection roads of the city with its bicycle paths, sidewalks, refuge and quality asphalt.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of the second stage of Gaza Street, which will connect the Antalya Ring Road and the city center.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay said that the second phase of the first phase of Gaza Street, which is planned to be the largest street of Meram district, is continuing.

President Altay, completed the first stage of the 2 thousand 300 meters part of the service while the Meram Municipality heavy maintenance in the area until the completion of the expropriation activities, infrastructure, asphalt and pavement studies, he said. Altay emphasized that the sections completed in the second stage were opened to traffic and stressed that the city will be an important connection road with its bicycle paths, pavements, median and quality asphalts when the total of 3,5 kilometers is completed.

Gaza Street, which has a width of 40 meters, will cost 20 million pounds together with expropriations.



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