Minister Turhan: Yürüt We will carry out the Winter Challenge with our 12 Bin 300 Staff Bakan

we will take a look at the turhan 12 bin 300 staff
we will take a look at the turhan 12 bin 300 staff

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan said, UM 67 snow combat center, 898 bin 422 machinery and equipment, 8 thousand tons of salt, 778 bin 400 tone defroster, 2 thousand ton aggregator and 800 thousand ton aggregate and 382 bin 12 staff will carry out the winter struggle, X he said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, M. Cahit Turhan, attended the ceremony for the recruitment of Snow Fighting and Maintenance Vehicles in 2018 by the General Directorate of Highways.

Turhan, who made the opening speech of the program, stated that the highways constitute the main backbone of the transportation network. 88 percent of the passenger transport in Turkey, Turhan said that while the freight with 90 percent of highways, roads voiced also be complementary to all other forms of freight transport. In the last 16 year, Turhan stated that the main objective is to increase the traffic safety of the existing road network, decrease the vehicle operating cost and ensure transportation to all settlements in all seasons. M Although the mobility in our highways has doubled in recent years, we have not been crushed under this burden with the mobilization of highways. 80 of traffic on highways is currently on divided roads. We have a transportation network that fits international standards and encompasses all aspects of our country, keeping the security of life and property at the highest level. Turn the wheel while making the road, we have never been in the logic of the day. On the one hand, we have increased the physical and geometric standards in our state and provincial roads, which provide access to all corners of our country. On the other hand, we have increased the service level and traffic safety by installing intelligent transportation systems. In addition, we have strengthened the national and international corridors of our country with our works on the highways and divided roads. Eventually, the life of our citizens became easier, accidents were reduced, travel distance and duration were shortened. The winner was our people, our country has become, our future has become Kazan.

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Turhan emphasized the importance of strengthening road networks and the fact that KGM's machine park is strong. Turhan said that, in addition to maintenance and repair services, the 7 / 24 roads are open, search and rescue operations and the need for a powerful machinery park to combat the harsh winter conditions, KGM has a rich infrastructure and qualified staff. Sharing the strengthening of the machinery park every year by taking into consideration the changing conditions, needs and technology, Turhan said, “At present, our machine park has 5 thousand moving and 12 bin 161 machines and equipment. We have included thousands of them in our machine park this year. We have renewed the 47 of our machine park with our purchases in the last 3 year. We also pay special attention to domestic production in the formation of our machinery park. As a matter of fact, 25 of this year's production is domestic manufacturing. Our General Directorate has made all preparations for the harsh winter conditions. 55 snow combat center, 67 bin 898 pieces of machinery and equipment, 422 thousand tons of salt, 8 thousand 778 tons of defrosters, 400 thousand ton aggregates and 2 bin 800 staff will be engaged in winter struggle in our 382 thousand 12 kilometers road network. Of course, besides all these, the drivers are also very important tasks. In addition to complying with the traffic rules, winter tires are essential for the safety of life and property. We want to share the happiness instead of the probable suffering on the roads. Biz

General Manager Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, who was in the program, introduced the machines purchased in 2018. Minister Turhan and his delegation then KGM Akköprü facilities in the machinery examined. Minister Turhan, used the snow plow tool and gave information about the press members of the press.

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