Mayor Genç: uş The Tekkeköy Railroad should meet Başkan

the president must meet the railway tekkekoy railway
the president must meet the railway tekkekoy railway

Canik Mayor Osman Genç, who has the solution to the problems of the city with his Samsun book in the near future which includes the projects that will shape the future of Samsun, continues the district trips. Chairman Young, Tekkeköy and exchanged ideas during his visits to Yakakent.
President Young

Canik Mayor Osman Genç, district tours are continuing. President Genç 's stops were Tekkeköy and Yakakent. Besides the industry, Tekkeköy district that stands out with its historical and touristic values ​​was visited by the Chairman. In addition to the AK Party District President Hayri Ağırlar, the presidents of youth and women's branches also chatted with members of the organization.


Noting that Tekkeköy is a district with high transportation potential, industrial areas, historical and touristic sites and potential, President Genç said, ile Besides being close to the center of Samsun, it has an important position on the Black Sea coastal road. Two of the three ports in Samsun are in Tekkeköy. Wednesday Airport is right next to it. Tekkeköy is the heart of Samsun industry. Organized and has small industrial sites. The ideal location for the logistics center. Tekkeköy is an important district with its historical and natural beauties. Tekkeköy caves are very valuable for tourism. We have to make these potentials more efficient, Bu he said.


President Genç stated that they should be done in Tekkeköy. “Tekkeköy's Master Plan must be made. In addition, this district should have a railway network. Samsun-Çarşamba railway passing through the district should be rebuilt. Free Trade Zone should be established. Logistics Village should be world class. The Organized Industrial Zone should be expanded. Food processing, packaging facilities should be made. Organic agriculture should be supported History tourism should be brought to the forefront. Organik


Another stop of Mayor was Yakakent. Here, the Chairman of the AK Party Yakakent Ahmet Günel visited and talked with members of the organization, President Genç, the district's shortcomings and exchanged ideas about what should be done. Mayor Genç visited Yakakent Mayor Hüseyin Kıyma. Both President pointed out that Yakakent has an important tourism and fishing potential.


President Genç emphasized that Yakakent has an important position on Samsun-Sinop road and said, Samsun In this beautiful district fishing holds an important place. Samsun is the only district in the zero position. It has quite a beautiful beach and sandy beach. For the development of Yakakent, fishing and tobacco production should be supported. Cold storage should be done. Beach and natural beauties should be brought to tourism. Accommodation facilities must be made. A multi-purpose social facility should be built Çok.


Un The ideas and suggestions of the citizens we met in our districts showed us that Samsun should be planned as a whole. We have identified the solutions of the problems mentioned in our meetings with representatives of our citizens and civil society organizations in the districts of Samsun and we have developed projects that will mobilize the potentials of our districts eler.


“Our current 17 district has different characteristics and different advantages,“ he said. The development of each district in line with its own means is aimed at a separate development. The transportation problem between the city center and the city of 17 should be solved as a priority, and the local resources such as tourism, agriculture and livestock should be used correctly and should be used correctly. X

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