TCDD 162. Anniversary Chess Tournament

tcdd 162 board games chess tournament
tcdd 162 board games chess tournament

TCDD 162. The Anniversary Award-winning Chess Tournament was held at Ankara YHT Station on 24-25 November 2018.

TCDD Foundation, Ankara Demirspor and civil servants held at the union sponsorship and the opening of the tournament 45 provinces 700 athletes participated TCDD Deputy Director General Ismail Ages, Turkey Chess Federation (TCF) President GÜLKAN Tulay and TCDD Capacity Management was held with President Halim Özgümüş'ün participation Condominium.

On the second day of the tournament, all the athletes who participated in the chess festival with the participation of 2013-2014 athlete who was born 30-XNUMX were awarded medals for their successful performances.

The medal ceremony was attended by Ankara Demirspor Club President and TCDD Inspection Board Chairman Nuğman Yavuz, TCDD Capacity Management Department President Halim Özgümüş, TCDD Press and Public Relations Consultant İbrahim Kekeç and TSF Ankara Provincial Representative Engin Güleç.

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