Taxis Want New Mobile in YHT New Ankara

Taxis in New Ankara YHT wants to mobile in the station: the newly opened YTG station next to the station changed taxi drivers took action. Passengers who are victims of the car in front of the car 20 wants to pocket the vehicle

With the YHT Station coming into service recently, the location of the Station Taxi Stop, which has been in the same area for about 50 years, has changed. For this reason, taxi drivers, who stated that they could not take passengers from the new YHT Station, faced penalties from the police because they were waiting for passengers on the street. The tradesmen, who complained about not being able to do business for a long time, went to the Ankara Public Automobile and Drivers Chamber of Craftsmen, who could not find a solution to the problem they were experiencing. About 100 taxi drivers, who wanted to meet with the Chairman of the Chamber, Zafer Şener, could not meet with the chairman, and a quarrel broke out in front of the chamber. For 50 years, they have been serving their bread as Gar Taxi without any problems until today. kazanStating that they are happy, Durak President Mehmet Savaş said, “After the High Speed ​​​​Train Station was opened, we started to pay 23 TL per day for the taxi that the company demanded from us. The monthly payments of the taxis make a total of 70 thousand liras. We agreed to pay this 70 thousand lira and agreed with the company. However, due to the fact that our taxi stand is behind, we cannot pick up the passengers leaving the station. When we come to the street, the police fine us. We want pockets for 20-25 vehicles where our taxis can wait in front of the YHT Station. Because we can't catch up with the passengers leaving the train in any other way," he said.

Stating that they took action as a last resort, Savaş said, “The passengers leaving the station are also victims. Because we cannot approach the station. However, our stop is right here. What is going on this time? Customers leaving the station are also devastated. Finally, we wanted to make our voices heard by making an action. We call out to all the authorities from here, and we seek help from them for the sake of Allah. I guess our room cannot afford it. He expressed his view that if the chamber were effective, all this would not be necessary.

Zafer Şenel, President of the Chamber of Tradesmen of the Ankara Public Automobile and Drivers' Association, said, “We will seek solutions for the problem of our tradesmen. "We will find a solution to this problem by making meetings with the necessary places."

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