Robots Working with People at Bursa Industry Summit

robots working with people at the summit of bursa industry
robots working with people at the summit of bursa industry

Bursa Industry Summit, which brings together all the stakeholders of metal and sheet metal processing, welding and automation sectors, opens its doors at TUYAP Bursa International Fair and Congress Center on November Thursday. 29 20 342 company and representatives from the country with the participation of 40 over a thousand visitors is expected at the 500 Million TL volume of business is targeted.
Within the fair CNC machine tools, machine tools, sheet metal processing machines, measurement control systems, many products in Turkey for the first time robots like working with people çıkacak.xnumx showcased last day summit will end in December 4.

7 bin m40, which brings together the sectors that direct the development of the industry under the same roof and prepared to bring the visitors together in the 2 bin m29 closed area, is located in 2. It brings together.

Percent 60 of Exhibitors

Bursa Industry Summit, which is one of the biggest 3 exhibitions of our country, attracts attention with the latest technology innovation products. The industry, which is known as the fourth industrial revolution, will bring a breath of fresh air to the peak machinery manufacturing sector, which will be exhibited in the software and hardware, which is one of the main components of 4,0. TÜYAP Fuarcılık A.Ş. which touched on the importance of commercial activities to be realized within the scope of the fair. General Manager Ilhan Ersözlü, "keep the pulse of the exhibition industry in Turkey, will provide mobility in an economic sense. The summit, which is one of the most important 3 exhibitions of our country, attracts more attention every year. The trade fairs in which the manufacturing industry deals with all processes including metal processing, sheet metal processing, welding technologies, electricity, electronics and automation are prepared with the participation of 7 company and company representative in 40 indoor xNUMX indoor area in 2 hall. Participants of our producers so that the xnumx'n fairs, undertakes an important task to have a say in the world market of existing industry in Turkey. Combining four different sectors under the same roof and bringing together the latest technology products with visitors, we aim to make significant contributions to the production and export of our country.

We will host the purchasing committees which are organized from different geographies in the fairs where the leading products are developed by using the latest technology. Within the scope of URGE projects organized by TÜYAP's overseas offices and coordinated by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Commerce, Germany, Azerbaijan, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Algeria, Czech Republic , Ethiopia, Morocco, Palestine, France, Guinea, Republic of South Africa, Georgia, India, Netherlands, Iraq, UK, Iran, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Libya, Lebanon, Hungary , Macedonia, Malta, Egypt, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Siri Lanka, Serbia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Oman, Jordan and Greece organized business people will be at the fair. With the inclusion of delegations coming from the industrial city of 40 more than one year, the business contacts that will be formed during the fair will provide great opportunities for the participating companies to open up to new markets while at the same time they will provide advantages in terms of employment. Yurt

UR-GE Projects and Procurement Committees

Within the scope of the 3 separate UR-GE project for the machinery, aerospace defense industry and rail systems sector, the ray Commercial Safari proj project is taking place with the participation of more than 50 business people from the country close to 300. Business meetings under the B2B program with local companies and foreign business representatives will be held on Thursday at 29 November 13.30 - 17: 30, 30 November Friday.

International Showcase of Strategic Sectors

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, "Turkey's export-oriented development goals, as we continue our contribution Bursa business world. We are bringing our companies which support the domestic and national targets of our country in strategic fields such as our machinery sector, space aerospace defense and rail systems together with the buyers from all over the world with the Industry Summit. Within the scope of the summit this year, 50'dan close to the 300 over the foreign buyers will perform bilateral business negotiations with our buyers. President Burkay, who stated that Bursa business world has become more competitive in the international arena with qualified fair organizations and purchasing committees under the leadership of BTSO, said that they will continue to work with determination for a city that is not satisfied with their achievements.

Bursa Industry Makes a Difference

Pınar Çeltikçi, General Secretary of Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD), who underlined that they represent the machine tools sector, which is called ini machine-producing machines güçlendir and which are the building blocks of production, have been supporting the specialization fairs that strengthen the production industry. Çeltikçi, "His name is synonymous with Bursa industry, the leading sector and the productive capacity of the site is the lifeblood of Turkey. The Bursa Industry Summit, which has a strategic importance among the specialized fairs, is the meeting point of the industrialized companies, Bursa industrialists and the sector that have achieved great success in the global market. Bursa industry, following the changing technology in the world, constantly improving and updating itself, makes a difference not only in our country but also in the international arena. The Bursa Industry Summit is an excellent platform for strengthening and exposing this structure. As TİAD, we are the related followers of industrial activities in Bursa for the continuity of this visionary industrial city identity eh.

Consumption Societies Sentenced to Exhaustion

Bursa Industry Summit last year, as it was very important in this year, drawing attention to the Board of Mechanical Manufacturers (MIB) Chairman Ahmet Ozkayan, domestic production is very important, he said. Ozkayan continued his words as follows: “We are going through a difficult economic process as a country. Our industrialists, who put their hands under the stone despite the negativities, continue to work and produce with their forces. In 2019 I think that our sectors will recover. This process has once again revealed how right we are about the ğ domestic production daha we have emphasized for many years and we have expressed at every opportunity. Domestic production is very important! As long as there is no return to technology and products with high added value are not produced, external dependence is inevitable. Externally dependent societies are consumer societies and they are condemned to run out. In addition, if we evaluate the data of manufacturing industry, it is estimated that 2018 will be completed by 15,9 billion dollars in exports, 25 billion dollars in imports and 27 billion dollars in manufacturing in the first nine months.

Trade shows; Tüyap Bursa Trade Fairs Inc. and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), the Association of Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen (TİAD) and the Association of Machinery Manufacturers (MIB), the Ministry of Commerce, KOSGEB and the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa support is organized.

What's New

Within the scope of the Summit, the latest innovations of the sector are included in the ”Welding Technologies Fair Fu which is organized for the first time this year. The Robotic Technologies Special Section, which is part of the fair, is taking place for the first time this year. The special section of robotic technologies created to make the production easy and quality is presented to the attention of the visitors.

Visiting hours;

29 1 2018 10.00 19.00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

2 December 2018 (last day) date can be visited between 10.00 - 18.30.

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