Bridge Construction Rises in Manavgat Değirmenli

breakage construction at manavgat mill
breakage construction at manavgat mill

The construction of the bridge in the Değirmenli neighborhood, which connects the 3 neighborhood in Manavgat, started by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, started to rise.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Rural Services continues to work in the countryside for comfortable and reliable transportation. In this context, the bridge of Manavgat, Değirmenli, Saraçlı, and Güzelyalı, which are connected to each other, is rapidly progressing. While the construction of the bridge is rapidly continuing, it is also working to open a new road.

Safe transportation

The locals are eagerly awaiting the end of the group road, which will be safer, more comfortable and shorter. Consultant Consultant İsa Akdemir examined the works on site and examined the bridge works, new road building and embankment works on site and said, erek The group will be safer and more comfortable when the road is completed with its grille and new road opening works ı.

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