Kardemir 1994 is on its way with his soul

kardemir 1994 with the spirit of his way of making sure
kardemir 1994 with the spirit of his way of making sure

In order to prevent the closure of the Karabuk Iron and Steel Factories, the events of the 8 November 1994 were once again commemorated by the events organized by the Öz Çelik İş Union, which included a series of reactions, such as the fact that 4 did not send their children to school, the shopkeepers shut down and the transportation was stopped.

8 24 of November actions. In the events organized at the Training and Culture Center of our company due to the anniversary, the announcement of the April decisions of 5 and cinevision show about the struggles given after.

In his speech at the program, Kardemir General Manager Ercüment Ünal said that the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories were opened in 1937 with the instructions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and on 8 November 1994 one of Atatürk's biggest relics was struggling to be saved.

Referring to the history of the factory and describing the events that took place on November 8, 1994, Ünal noted that with the millions-dollar investment made after the privatization, Kardemir renewed its production technologies and increased their productivity.

Stating that the success achieved was the fruit of the struggle in 1994, our Company General Manager Ercüment Ünal said, “We do not have a port, but on the other hand, we use 3 million tons of local ore. 100 thousand people work in the places where we buy local ores. It is not only 5 people in Kardemir. 100 thousand people are eating bread with the ore we receive from Sivas, Kayseri, Malatya and Elazig regions. Actually, we didn't just save a city. Today, Turkey is the only one we're using coal Coal Authority. People who have experienced losing several times are afraid of losing. For this reason, since 1994, the employees of this place have been so tightly embraced that this is where I am most proud to work for Kardemir. ”

"We Have Great Goals."

Emphasizing that our country went through a period of intense economic pressure on foreign currency and interest, our company General Manager Ercüment Ünal said the following regarding Kardemir's future goals:

"We will be in Turkey's gross profitability in the first 10 industrial organizations. We will be among the top 15 companies in net profitability. We have sold the goods for November that we are in, we have one month before us. We played unaffected by economic pressures on Turkey in 2018, 1994 we walk to our destination spirit created in November 8th. Turkey's most profitable company which will become the top 10 industrial enterprises. Thanks to the continuous casting machine and convectors that we will commission in September next year, we will increase our 2,5 million tons to 3,5 million tons. The targets will be bigger next year ”
"November 8 struggle brought Kardemir to life."

Özçelik-İş Union President Yunus Değirmenci stated that in the speech he made in the program, it was decided to close Kardemir within the scope of the April 1994 decisions taken by the government of the period in 5, and that the struggle after that went down in history.

Kardemir's unions that the privatization of the leadership and the public were sold, giving great struggles millers said that brought to today "That day, the biggest challenge has led today Turkey's iron and steel industry in the rebirth Kardemir, one of the largest factories. The struggle that day gave life to Kardemir, which is the locomotive of our country's economy today. The struggle that day showed the world what could be achieved when a case was believed. ”

In the program, awards were given to the teams who took part in the football tournament organized by Özçelik İş Trade Union and organized with the poetry and essay contest of the children of our company employees.

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