One More Stage of the Izmir-Istanbul Motorway

izmir istanbul highway will be more urgent
izmir istanbul highway will be more urgent

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, a part of the Izmir-Istanbul highway in December, said they plan to put into service, "Other 29 kilometers plus the 4 kilometer Akhisar ring road, including the connection of the rate of February to cultivate our holiday destination." He said.

Minister Turhan, Izmir-Istanbul highway in the context of the ongoing contacts in the Kemalpaşa-Akhisar part of the investigation, General Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu'ndan received information from the Highways.

Turhan told reporters after the review that the highway works are continuing and that the weather conditions are important for the progress of the works.

Remaining that the 20 kilometer of the Izmir-Kemalpaşa connection road of the motorway was opened, Minister Turhan continued:

Anlı We plan to open the 50 kilometer section and 3,5 kilometer connection road to Saruhanli in the first week of December. Other 29 mileage plus 4 kilometer Akhisar ring road, including the connection of the rate of the February holiday to bring the target. This is an important factor in the realization of our natural weather conditions work program. If we can catch the times we expect in the work program, we can not expect too much, 100-150 is a daily period. If we ask what is our general goal; As 2019's summer is from Istanbul to Izmir, this is a goal, of course, our people will be able to reach Istanbul from Istanbul to Izmir and from Izmir to Istanbul with a highway standard infrastructure. N

Turhan, the completion of highways, more secure, comfortable, affordable and short-term transportation of citizens will be reached.

Stressing that no public resources are used in the construction of the motorway, Turhan said:

Gibi As we always say, this is a build-operate-transfer project. We do not use any public resources in the construction, we pay the guarantee of the difference between the traffic we use and the traffic we use as a guarantee, the contractor, we pay to the company. From time to time, this fee collection system in the press problems, problems are said to be repeated payments with bets; this has nothing to do with the truth. The money out of the pocket of our people take the service out of the money. In some cases when the system is not charged due to a number of detection errors that occur in the system, our citizens pay their money if they wish, or pay their cash in cash. 15 also has the right to pay for the toll during the day without any penalties. X

Turhan, Izmir-Candarli highway construction continues, recalling that the weather conditions are suitable and work as planned planned to open the road in September 2019 said.

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