Your Partner in Trade with Albania Mersin Frigo

cozum your partner in trade with albania myrtle frigo
cozum your partner in trade with albania myrtle frigo

In recent years, our country has attracted the attention of the countries of the world in many areas. Accordingly, Turkey, which has become a major attraction, especially for data at record levels that have made the leap in exports has begun to achieve. Our country, which cooperates with almost all the countries in the world in terms of foreign trade, is also engaged in export and import purchases with Albania.

Our trade with Albania is generally carried out by road transport, and some transport companies that work in this country come to the fore. Mersin Frigo Logistics, which has attracted attention with its different works especially among these companies, is located at a different point among the transport companies in the field of export and import transportation.

Mersin Frigo Logistics, which has started its operations for many years by means of full lorry road transport, has also been receiving regular partial freight services to all provinces of Albania, especially to the capital city of Tirana, based on the Istanbul warehouses on certain days of the week, taking into account the increasing demands for transportation. Mersin Frigo Logistics, which can deliver Albania deliveries to customs points or to the address in partial transportation, also provides abroad customs clearance services.

Mersin Frigo continues its logistics activities without compromising the principle of quality service at an affordable price, and provides regular services in areas such as out-of-gauge heavy transport, container transportation, frigo dorse transportation, truck transportation and open body truck transportation. We carry out the transportation of cargoes from all the regions of our country with the exportation of goods and third-country origin cargo within the scope of the transit with the domestic and foreign plate trucks in the vehicle fleet, and deliver all the cargo groups that they carry in the safe way with the guarantee of the truck fleet and CMR insurance.

Since the day it was founded, Mersin Frigo Logistics, which has been continuously updating its activities in the sector and following the latest technologies closely and continuously raising the success bar by realizing it in the sector, has achieved a very important successful project in the Albanian shipping line and continued to It is.

Source of news: Mersin Frigo

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