Ankara's New Road and Intersection Works Full Throttle Continues

ankaranin new road and interlocking work continues full throttle
ankaranin new road and interlocking work continues full throttle

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the road and intersection works on all sides of the capital.

The Metropolitan Municipality of METU Technopolis Junction was opened to traffic by the three important intersection projects of the capital, Kepekli, Akköprü and Türk Telekom.


40 has been completed for the construction of the new boulevard and intersection starting from the entrance of Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus which will provide a direct connection to METU Technopolis intersection which will provide easy access to Bilkent City Hospital.

An alternative route to Eskişehir road without any traffic density of the vehicles going to Eskişehir is also completed, while the 45 of the new overpass works that will provide access to the Bilkent City Hospital in front of Mahall Ankara is completed.


President Tuna, who frequently supervises the new intersection and road works, noted that the road and intersection activities in the capital throughout the road will intensify with some alternative ways to reduce the intensity of the traffic. Başkan . We carry out a devoted and careful study at the point of completing our work in an urgent manner. Akköprü, Samsun Road Telecom front and Kepekli junction were finished. Now we are happy to add these to the METU Technopolis Junction. Şimdi

Drawing attention to the fact that thanks to the multi-channel road works, the City Hospital will be easily accessible from all corners of the Capital, President Tuna, along the 33-kilometer road starting from the METU Technopolis Crossroad and connected to many points; He said tunnels, intersected bridge intersections, culverts, bridges and “U” turns.


President Tuna, who gave information that the road works around the city hospital where the 29 bridge and junction will take place together with the connections, will be completed, said the following:

In Within the scope of the works carried out by the Department of Science Affairs, the cost of road works around the Bilkent City Hospital will find 800 million pounds. We aim to finish the roads before Bilkent City Hospital is put into service. Because the opening of the hospital 100 thousand people a day and 30 thousand vehicles are calculated to come here. We continue to work on our multi-channel road project that will remove this load at full speed. Bu


Providing information on the work carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication and the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, President Tuna said, en Previously, access to the city hospital was only possible from Eskişehir Highway. As our intersection and road works are completed, great relief will be provided in traffic. Access to the hospital and the area where the hospital is located can be made through many channels and will increase with new ways. Thus, the burden of Eskişehir Yolu traffic will be reduced. Böylece

Stating that their aim is, to provide easy access to the hospital, east-west and north-south abil, President Tuna said,-Along with this, the regional traffic has already been greatly relaxed. Bilkent University, METU Teknokent'e, the road works on the way to Angora Boulevard (Hacettepe Beytepe Campus Entrance), the most important is that we will provide a great comfort to the traffic of Eskişehir Road. Bil


Headquartered in the City Hospital, on the Angora Boulevard, the 3 departures-3 pathway continues and the road will continue to the Bilkent City Hospital region along with the 2 bridge. hospitals will be a way to reach the region, hast he said.

Hacettepe University, which continues the construction of the intersection, Angora Boulevard, and Eskişehir Yolu direction as a bridge to the end of the bridge was designed as 2 strips, Angora Boulevard will be connected to the Eskişehir Road uninterrupted connects the Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, köprü We are building a second bridge under the Ardgerme bridge. This is the 3 departures and 3 arrivals from Angora Avenue to the City Hospital with a prefabricated girder bridge. Bur


Underlining the rapid progress of the crossroads and road works in front of the campus, President Tuna also shared the details of the works:

Altında There are roundabouts and U turns under the prefabricated beam bridge. This roundabout will be easily accessible to the desired directions. 'U' turns are designed for drivers who come from Angora Boulevard and want to go back to Angora Boulevard and City Hospital and go back to the City Hospital. '

President Tuna, Hacettepe University in front of the studies initiated in the shortest time to instruct President Tuna, so far made the work of pen pencil told:

Ik -Maximum 132 pile made of 120 cm diameter

-Angora Bulvarı in the direction of the entrance of the ground section, strip, and fill manufacturing completed. Eskişehir Road, exit section, strips and fill manufacturing continues

2 pcs edge pillars, 6 pcs elevation (column) and 2 pcs header beam production are completed.

-4 is planned to be poured from the backward slab of Angora Boulevard by 1. and 2. the part is spilled and the stretching process is completed. and 3. section manufacturing continues. kısım


Eskişehir Yolu Mahall has started construction in front of Ankara, and the whole phase of the construction of the last phase of the Ardgerme bridge is completed and the second phase of the President Tuna stated that the central direction of the pier dismantling along with the traffic in the direction of the old direction will continue to give information.

President Danube, alternative ways to reach the City Hospital will be easier to reach the attention, said:

Mak This bridge, which was constructed in order to facilitate the entrance from the central direction of the City Hospital in Bilkent and also to reduce the burden of the Bilkent Bridge and the Hacettepe Bridge, will be like a tamamlan U yapım turn that continues and continues with the introduction of the 2 strip. The vehicles moving in the direction of Eskişehir will enter this bridge and they will be able to connect to the road between the Council of State and the Ministry of Agriculture in the central direction of the road. Esk

The details of the technical specifications of the bridge, which consists of the foundation foundation piles, foundations, columns, header girder and post-tensioning slab, are explained in detail by President Tuna, and the bridge has been completed with a percentage of 50.

Ik -Maximum 79 pile made of 120 cm diameter

  • Toprakarme excavation was carried out in the central direction. Precast, strip and fillings will be passed. The production section of the Council of State on the exit side, the construction of ribbon and fillings continues
  • 2 pieces of the bridge, 3 pieces of elevation (column) and 2 pieces of header beam are completed.

  • The 5 stage is planned to be dumped by the Council of State of the Ardgerme pavement 1. and 2. the section has been poured and stretching has been completed. kısım

Mayor of Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the new roads will be used in the future, not only today, and for many years to save the traffic of the capital of the nature of the multi-levered project, will provide a traffic relief throughout the capital, he added.

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