Bridge Work Started in Salim Dervişoğlu

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is turning Salim Dervişoğlu Street into a double road. From the 42 Evler area to Çuhane Caddesi, a double-sided double road will take place when the works are completed. When the traffic used by D-2 for the transportation of vehicles as a result of the intensification of traffic, it will become an alternative route. The street is preferred by drivers because of a line drawing by Köseköy and Derince.

The fillings in the eastern part of the street have been completed to a large extent. Stone wall applications continue at several points. Bridge works are carried out in the western part of the street between the First Step Bridge and the Woman's Street. Within the scope of the study, the old bridge over the Kumla Creek was widened to be rebuilt. On the western part of the road, the bridge is underway. In the study, bored pile production is realized.

Instead of the collapsed Kumla Bridge, a new bridge with 60 meter length of 20 meters will be constructed. The additional bridge on the canal to the west of the canal will be 11 meters wide and 17 meters long. Salim Dervişoğlu Street, which extends from east to west in the coastal region of Izmit, will serve as two lanes after a single lane departure.

The project is realized as a double road with the project realized between Salih Dervişoğlu Street and 42 Evler and Çuhane Street. 4 thousand 950 meters of road section 42 XnumX meters between the Houses-First Step Bridge, the first step from the bridge to the Çuhane Street is done in the width of the 17 meter. The new duplex center will also be equipped with a illuminated center median.



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