Work Started for Minibus Stops in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality National Sovereignty Street located next to the Gar Square for minibus stops will be built work on the platform. "With the new work, both the entrances and exits will be controlled in a controlled way and the flow of traffic will be relieved," said Pistil.

Work has started on the new platforms to be built by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation for the minibuses located next to the Milli Egemenlik Street Station Square. Pistil said, “Turns to the existing stops could not be made in one go, there were traffic jams in the region. Now, a width that will take the stops to a forward point and provide the opportunity to turn in one go. kazanwe will go. Our teams started their work. With the platforms we will build, both entrances and exits will be made in a controlled manner and the traffic flow will be relieved," he said.

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