İzmir's Rail System Network Will Increase to 252 Kilometers

European Union European Mobility Week activities came to Izmir for Turkey Head of Delegation Ambassador Christian Berger, visited the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu. Berger said that it is very important for İzmir to be one of the first cities to take part in the ın Automobile-Free City Day ilk events.

İzmir European Mobility Week, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality "carfree cities Day" of the European Union coming to Izmir for events Turkey Delegation Head, Ambassador Christian Berger, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor visited Aziz Kocaoglu. European Commission President Mateja Zakonjsek Cabinet, Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Hayrettin Güngör Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Mr. Grant Gokce Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Member of Parliament during his visit Muzaffar Tunçağ also found, it has reached sustainable transport among the first municipalities participating in organized European Mobility Week events to from Turkey to promote alternative Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's old excitation pulse of emphasis.

European Union Delegation to Turkey President Ambassador Christian Berger, "carfree cities Day" of citizens in places where the traffic density in the purpose of the event is to encourage the use of different means of transport, said: "Citizens At first she was complaining, but now I got used to. It is very important for us that İzmir takes part in these activities and is one of the first cities. Because Izmir also draws attention with sea transportation Çünkü.

Reduce target carbon emissions
In order to reduce carbon emissions in the city by 2020, Mayor Kocaoglu stated that they are party to the EU Mayors' Convention and that they have realized many investments of the municipality in this direction. 14.5 - 11 thousand passengers per day, the number of 180 thousand thousand passengers reached. If we hadn't invested in the rail system, our 70 - 800 bus would work and our traffic load would increase. Visualize this picture. We carry out ini Parking on-line sefer system and organize ring voyages to park the car parked on the roadside. We do bicycle paths to encourage cycling, and we use transport rather than long lines on the bus. We have strengthened the sea transportation with new ferries. When the traffic is the busiest in the city, the schools are opened. We did not encounter the slightest traffic problem by working very seriously, Çok he said.

New investments coming
Reminding that the investments in the rail system should come to the fore for the relaxation of urban transportation, Mayor Kocaoğlu said: lar We are making investments in this direction. The construction of our 7.5 Narlıdere metro line continues. Between TCDD and Aliağa lıBergama, we will have an 52 kilometer rail system investment. We will also do stations, sub-overpasses when TCDD starts work. In this way, our network of rail systems will reach 252 kilometers and this will provide us with serious comfort in transportation. We also have planning work for 72 - 73 kilometer metro-suburban investments Ayrıca. Mayor Kocaoglu, 20 electric buses to reduce carbon emissions in urban transportation by emphasizing that they have high bus prices because of the high rates of electric buses, the local authorities, said that the investment.

The European Commission Head of Cabinet of 25 Mateja Zakonjsek European Mobility Week activities that occurred in the city in Turkey, Izmir's first time participating in this event, stressing that the "more for more investment in road vehicles is not sustainable. In order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the cities, it is necessary to change the transportation types. We encourage the use of bikes in transportation types. It is very pleasing to have a lot of options in Izmir. İzmir Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Hayrettin Gungor is that European Mobility Week, set out from Turkey on the number of municipalities participating in this year 7 from 25, he stated that they wished to increase this number further.

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