Governor Güvençer Examines İzmir İstanbul Highway Construction

istanbul izmir motorway project information
istanbul izmir motorway project information

Governor Guvencer examined the construction of Izmir Istanbul Highway: Manisa Governor Mustafa Hakan Guvencer, Istanbul and Izmir from 9 hours to 3,5 hours to reduce the 433 kilometer-long Istanbul-Izmir Highway Manisa route studies examined.

Vali Güvençer, who was informed about the works by Halil Özgür Demir, examined the section of the Izmir-İstanbul Motorway, which was planned to be completed in 2019 and made by the Public-Private Partnership, from the Kemalpaşa toll booths to the Soma exit. Turgutlu-Kemalpaşa, Saruhanlı-Akhisar and Kırkağaç-Soma construction works continue in the 3 station between Turgutlu-Kemalpaşa, Saruhanlı-Akhisar and Kırkağaç-Soma. The construction of the viaduct, overpass, bridge and underpass is continuing. The project includes 3 viaduct, 41 bridge, 28 overpass, 229 box culvert, 98 underpass, 6 junction, 4 service area and a maintenance business facility in Manisa.

About Izmir Istanbul Motorway

Manisa Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer stated that they will have the opportunity to sell the local products raised by the citizens of the surrounding areas at the service points to be built within the scope of İzmir-İstanbul Highway project which is in the 6 province and the longest route with 112 kilometers. stated that he would make a significant contribution to the life of trade and tourism.

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