IMM's Domestic and National Implementation has begun to Provide Information

📩 23/12/2018 15:55

Smart city applications that led to Turkey Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, one hundred percent indigenous and developed as a national "bilgiled" Passenger Information After the bus system in the rail system began passenger to the time clock information as in real-time.

Thanks to the cul BilgiLed tal Passenger Information System developed by İSBAK, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was started to provide passengers with time and information in real time.

Bağcılar - Kabataş For the system, which was successfully implemented on the T1 Tram Line, 70 screens were installed at the stops of the line. On the screens that accurately reflect the arrival time of the tram, situations such as changes in the trips or cancellation of the trip can be announced to the passengers with instant information.

The system, which provides the possibility of broadcasting emergency messages from the center when needed, will be expanded in a short time in all rail systems, especially in tram lines.


Thanks to the communication module in the screens, connection is made using ethernet or GPRS infrastructure. The tram's motion information, which is followed instantly by the center, is displayed on the screen as a time and information message.

BilgiLed Passenger Information System works with domestic and national software developed by İSBAK. The electronic cards used are designed and manufactured by İSBAK. The electronic equipment is modular and offers easy maintenance and installation.

The life of the LED modules in the LED panels used in the displays is 100 thousand hours. Thanks to heat, temperature, humidity and gas sensors, an abnormal situation in the device is transmitted to the central servers. In this way, there is an opportunity for emergency response.

BilgiLed's Web Service was also developed by İSBAK. Device settings can be updated via the web interface, emergency messages can be generated and the current status of the device can be monitored. In addition to being able to access each device individually, it is possible to access the screens in bulk.

The screens were placed on both sides of the stations to be seen on both sides. The screens designed with environmental and environmental conditions (temperature, daylight, rain, snow, dust, water, humidity, etc.) are produced as durable and protected. 2mm thickness of the screen made of aluminum material in front of the cabinet, 6mm thick impact resistant glass was placed.

They are very satisfied with the application of tram passengers, said they expect the system to be expanded.

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