Historical Locomotive Brought To Antalya Without A Railway By Truck

Kepez Municipality, after the wagon devoted to scrap by TCDD, is now 20 from Usak. The first steam locomotive of the century brought to Antalya.

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, after the train car, now introduced the locomotive to Antalya without train. The Republic of Turkey Railways (TCDD) received and locomotive maintenance and repair work done in Usak, took place on the tracks where the train in dokumapark library. The steam locomotive, which is brought to Antalya on a special truck with the escort escort, will be opened to visit the citizens in DokumaPark in the coming days. From 1930 to 1985, the steam locomotive, which has traveled to many historical places in Anatolia, has been turned away by TCDD Roads.

The train car has been converted into a library

Extremely important studies indicating that the signature at the Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist, "before turning to libraries our wagon scrapped, we do extremely important work our children and young people. This was very noticeable. It was very meaningful that the train car was made into a library. Our children were very cute, they love to read a book in a very favorite environment, as well as to improve their knowledge about the train and railroads had been a step in expressing very deep meanings. We took a new step after this step, which was very much appreciated by our children and our people. This is the locomotive 20 you see behind me. One of the steam locomotives produced at the beginning of the century. " said.

Historic locomotive in Antalya

Stating that the steam locomotive was produced by the Germans in a limited number, President Tütüncü said, “This locomotive is an example of trains that are being purchased during the period of Abdülhamit. TCDD Roads from the junkyard day, the restoresini, we have brought from Antalya to Uşak. This historic locomotive was an important object that completed the front of our wagon. All of these with Turkey's railway adventure, trying to explain the deep memories and history on it. this is so important for us. Railways are of great importance in terms of industry and technology history. We're going to tell you about the memories we weave with the iron nets. Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, a great vision with iron networks gave to Turkey, especially with the history of the Republic that Adnan Menderes and developed by our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during bypassing the level, I stated that gained a completely different atmosphere. This chronology here will be told on this train. We will also prepare the main railway in Antalya. “He said.



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