Mayor Kocaoglu told about the behind the scenes of the İZBAN strike

Mayor Kocaoğlu told the backstage of the IZBAN strike: The collective bargaining crisis in Izmir, which carried the urban suburban line transport in Izmir, was put to a happy end in Ankara last week.

However, the daily strike of 8 both infuriated Izmir and brought political battles. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the strike and the aftermath of what happened after the scenes told.

In fact, if we look at it before, it was obvious months before the strike. Why didn't you intervene before? This is one of the biggest criticisms En

Leaving the exceptions, no union signers before the collective bargaining process ends legally. He surely signs the last minute and tries to get the right to the worker until then. For him, this collective bargain lasted for 6 months, why did you not see it during that time? Toplu the logic of the collective agreement, the process stems from not knowing.

In the last process, friends came, there were more than 1 weeks to end. So they said, ”We're going towards the strike, we've talked to the Governor.” Governor, "29-30 points give more than a middle way," he suggested. At that time, İZBAN management was giving 1-2. We said, X If the Governor had such a request, let's not leave it in the void 'and 9.5 was offered. However, he was not accepted again. Thereafter, the 10 of the month, the IZBAN Board of Directors, was held in the afternoon before the day of the strike. Our first founding director-general, Selçuk Sert, Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, also attended. They would come to the municipality after the meeting. I phoned the meeting when I said, "I'm coming," I said and I came to İZFAŞ. On the way, Yol He's going to strike. Let's make an unexpected proposal, Um I thought. ”If you see it, let's give it a 12%“. I thought, ”This is probably the end of it.“ At that time, Selçuk Bey, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water called Suat Hayri Aka. Beside him, our Minister Ahmet Arslan was also present. Endi The president has such a proposal, “he said,“ The 7 is very good, offer. Isi I asked for this, I went to my house. I was so tired that day, I left the phone in the living room. I was relieved now. They called me at night, I didn't hear. The strike began in the morning.


That evening, he said, ”What is the 3 6 month, the year after which 1.5 is what inflation is required?“ Thereupon the contract is left there. Strike. It's a way, after the strike. I would expect 1 week. You evaluate the situation. The strike is also the strike. You try to get the least damage. 1 will meet with the union again later in the week. We think about them, "We'll sit with the union again," he said on a phone call on the afternoon of Thursday. Bülent Delican, Provincial Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, takes the Regional Director of TCDD to the union first and then to the General Manager of İZBAN. From there, he calls me “Let's see Or. The name of it is collective bargaining. We didn't learn that from birth. But Delican doesn't know anything about the job. Otherwise, it's not ”can't Yoksa, it's the matter! Maybe it will do better than us. We don't say anything.

Kocaoglu, Provincial Chairman is very wrong to get this job. Here the employer TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZBAN. Authorized to İZBAN management. The General Manager of TCDD may decide together with the Metropolitan. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. TCDD, Minister of Transport, Undersecretary may enter. They were already involved. But it was a movement that increased the expectations and resistance of the union.


Kocaoglu, we will see you all the time. Except for politics. When he called me, I refused the interview request. Then, "16.5, 1.5 so much for this?" He wrote in the press, was drawn. So we sat with friends. Im Let's give 15 the percentage. We already did. 3 6 1.5 months, so 5 year after the bonus 4 days. Let's give 6 day bonuses on inflation in 5's last 4 month. Let's give 1 improvement over inflation at XNUMX month. Artı The union again said maz No way Send.

On Monday, in the 14 of the month, I called the union, "What can we do?" Branch President Hüseyin Eryüz and Secretary İzzet Ceviz arrived. "What do you want? Let's finish it here or go to Ankara. Ya We started talking here to finish. Iler Technicians and operators have low salaries and need to be upgraded, “they said. We made him an offer. They did not accept. From his speeches, I found that the union president and secretary here were not in a position to use the initiative to sign this contract. ”Would you come to Ankara? Mis I said. They said, "We will come." TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and I called Selçuk Sert. Orum I want to come to Ankara with the union president and the board of directors. Let's have a meeting at TCDD, but there should be also Demiryol-İş and Türk-İş President Ergun Atalay. T They accepted and sat in Ankara. We have finally concluded the collective agreement as reflected in the press. Then they said, "Let's go to the Minister." We went. That's how it worked, and he started working on Tuesday morning. When I went to Ankara, I did not see Bülent Delican, the President of the Party of Justice and Development Party, nor did I know that he was there. It doesn't have to be.

In addition, Hamza Dag, Atilla Kaya, Kerem Ali I, Necip Kalkan, Huseyin
Kocabıyık never saw our deputies in Ankara. When we got up in the morning, he fell into social media. Bülent Delican is making an announcement and we would like to thank Mr. Prime Minister. We also thank Mr. Prime Minister.


Bülent Delican and our deputies who have never been involved in this issue had their photographs taken with our Minister Ahmet Arslan. In the meantime, we have to break down all the responsibility, such as' Municipality, President Aziz Kocaoglu olduğ, as if TCDD is not the addressee in this collective agreement. Then, "We have solved," he show off, "I will be conciliatory," he syndicating the union and the worker to extend the process of bargaining. What Delican did was not right for me. I didn't see it but I would have taken photos with the deputies of İzmir and Minister Bey. Let me tell you this clearly. Our deputies, CHP, have no contribution. You have no friends.


Here I want to tell a process, what we do, what we are talking about, giving Caesar the right to Caesar. But I'm a simple citizen in 1954, who has been in politics since my family since 6. In the 1954 elections, I handed out a ballot because of family. Our house was a politician's home. I've never seen the 60 in the process of taking such a role as someone who watches the events from the political front, in proportion to its capacity. I've never witnessed it. Izmir public should know this correctly. It doesn't hurt me as a person. I feel sorry for Bülent Bey and his deputies to take on a role like this.

Kocaoglu, I openly, TCDD, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Prime Minister's front did not feel such a political rant. But Bülent Delican and the deputies had either such an effort, or they wanted to consider Bülent Bey's compensation as a compensation for this false exit in his meeting with the union and İZBAN. No matter how they evaluate it, I don't find it right.


I gave birth to 9 in 8 day. Is it easy? The average 270-300 is stopping a system that carries a thousand people. Approximately 18 accounts for about Izmir transportation. We combined whatever power we have. For example, at IZULAS, ESHOT, our workshop staff will perform day-to-day maintenance. We've called all the drivers on duty. We have activated all of the drivers we call service drivers. We worked overtime. In the meantime, both our workshop staff and bus driver friends made great sacrifices. They tried to educate the citizen at work, at home, and at school. The power of ESHOT and İZULAŞ in IMM's transportation has been tested in the meantime. Thousand 600 served over odd buses. The boat will be full on Tuesday morning in both Bostanli, and KarşıyakaWe have spare 2 ferries. IZDENIZ, IZULAS, ESHOT and Metro worked selflessly.


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