Records were broken in the amount of cargo transported with xnumx` Airports in Turkey

All airports 2007-2017 years as executive arrival and departure time among the thousand 26 555 498 million tons of cargo in Turkey (baggage, cargo and mail) moved.

Carried luggage with time made all the airports in Turkey, has increased over the years the amount of load cargo consisting mail.

Turkey airports domestic and international cargo transported on time, in 2007 1 546 thousand million tonk that 184 2008 1 million in increased 644 to 14 thousand.

Airports based on the amount of cargo transported by air 2009 1 726 thousand million 345, 2010 2 thousand million in 21 76, 2011 2 thousand million in 249 473, 2012 thousand tons was realized 2 249 133 million.

In the 2013 2 595 million through the air 317 thousand tons of cargo transported, 2014 2 thousand million of this amount came in 893.

airports in Turkey once transplanted with luggage, cargo and mail from the xnumx't 2015 million tons of cargo was exceeded.

In the given year (2015) The amount of cargo moved their arrival and departure time to Turkey was the thousands 3 72 831 million tons.

Payload In the 2016 3 million rose 76 914 thousand tons.


The amount of cargo carried by the airport-oriented campaign in Turkey has reached a new record last year.

All airports, thousands 3 481 211 million tons were transported by air freight 2017 held in time.

Accordingly, the 2007 2017 from 26 thousand 555 498 million tons of cargo airports in Turkey focused arrival and departure time was moved mail load with cargo. 11 years 7 297 million posted in the burden of domestic xnumx's thousand, while 662 19 thousand million xnumx's was carried out with international flights.

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