3. delays to the airport

  1. The airport was delayed: 23 in Istanbul, whose tender was carried out a month ago but still underway. whether the airport will catch up with 3. It was revealed that İGA AŞ, which will carry out the construction and operation of the airport, was taken after 2018 months after the approval of the Competition Board. This situation reinforced the claims that the airport will be delayed.
    It turned out that the permission for the 23rd airport in Istanbul, which could not be started despite 3 months after the construction and operation tender, was obtained from the Competition Board a few months ago. tender kazanAn Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture group established İGA Airport Operation AŞ on October 7, 2013, which will carry out the construction and operation of the airport. However, the application for permission from the Competition Board for İGA was made in September 1, approximately one year later. The Board gave its approval decision on the application in question on 2014 October. The late application to the Competition Board also strengthened the claims that the airport would be delayed. According to the contract, excavation works are still being carried out to strengthen the ground at the airport, the first phase of which should be commissioned 16 months after the tender, that is, in 42. In many previous privatization tenders, the Competition permit process was completed within 2018 month after the tender.
    Competition Board IGA Airport Operation Inc., established in order to be a party to the privatization process and to operate in this area, is not a joint venture operation within the scope of the Communiqué on the Mergers and Acquisitions That Must Be Authorized for the Competition Board. agreement. Although the said transaction is privatization, it is stated that there is no undertaking or assets with a turnover, it is not subject to prior notification and it is concluded that it is not a compulsory procedure to obtain permission from the Competition Board. Due to the fact that this cooperation does not have any restrictive effects on competition, it was decided to issue a negative clearance document. The decision included the contract of the IGA established by the joint venture 5. According to the contract, none of the parties forming the company can control the company alone. IGA does not have any veto power for the strategic decisions of the enterprise. It is possible that various alliances can be formed between the parties in order to reach these quorums and make decisions. In this case, the majority of the general assembly and the board of directors can only be reached by karar changing alliances oğun.
    The third airport construction and operation tender for Istanbul, the largest tender in the history of the Republic, was held on May 3, 3. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture group, with their offers of 2013 billion 25 million Euros, won the tender covering the 22-year operating right. kazanwas. The third airport has also created one of the most controversial agendas of recent years.
    Environmentalists have brought harsh criticism that the airport will upset the ecological balance of Istanbul's northern forests. While there were opportunities to expand the capacity of the two existing airports in Istanbul, there was intense criticism of the need for a new airport. In recent months, intense debates were taking place that the airport was built in the swamp area. 3. it was revealed in the 2013 DHMI report of the Court of Accounts that the airport cannot be put into service within the announced period. The tender, project and construction of the airport, which is the subject of the discussion, was planned to be commissioned in 2018. However, DHMI, May 2013'da over the period of the tender to 2 year after the delivery of a place did not somehow. This period was spent with the correspondent of the consortium of 5, which was awarded the contract with DHMİ, and corresponded with the master plan works covering project changes such as the reduction of elevations, expropriation, forest permit, and runway revisions. At the airport, excavation works are currently being carried out to strengthen the ground, some of which are swamps. According to the contract, 42 after 1 month delivery of the place. stage must be finished. However, not digging yet, forced the growth of the airport.

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