The Forum titled Train Accidents from Pamukova to Çorlu

37 lost his life in a train-accident
37 lost his life in a train-accident

The Forum titled Train Accidents from Pamukova to Çorlu was Held: Haydarpaşa and Kadıköy In the forum organized by the City Solidarities, it was emphasized that security on the railways was ignored. A scandalous finding was also noted in the forum: Construction residues were used on the rails.

24 people died in a train accident in Çorlu

Stating that the biggest cause of train accidents is the government's capital-oriented wrong policies and Haydarpaşa and Kadıköy Urban Solidarities noted that accidents could not be prevented because human-oriented policies were not produced.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity and Kadıköy Kent Solidarity organized a forum titled 'Train accidents from Pamukova to Çorlu' at Haydarpaşa Station yesterday. balance sheet of the Forum in the past 8 Corlu train disaster occurred in July were discussed, as the cause of the power of all train accidents in Turkey, was shown to generate working capital mainly people-oriented policies. Speaking at the forum, United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Istanbul President Ersin Albuz underlined that many accidents occurred on the railroads after the train accident in Pamukova, where 41 people died, and that the accidents on the railways were murder.

Albuz, "the history of railways Turkey 160 largest annual train accidents coincides with the AKP era. Governments have the obligation to protect the life and property of citizens. It is a constitutional right and this responsibility is put into the government, a system should be done or do what is necessary An. Yıldız Technical University Department of Transportation Dr. Ismail Sahin, "Politicians, 'from the starting point to the end point of the train will go, so fast as it will go," he will go the line of the train without thinking of the bend and the weather conditions are imposed on the limit, "he said. Sahin, the railways are safe in priority, but noted that security is ignored. Çorlu after the tragedy to prepare a report to go to the area of ​​the accident Şahin said that the filling process to fill the gaps in the rails are made with the rubble consisting of construction residues, he said. High Mechanical Engineer Zeki Sahin, the closure of the railway high schools and the state of the accident caused the weight of public transportation, while indicating that the reason for the Kent Solidarity member Mechanical Engineer Uzeyir Uludag, as a result of the wrong decisions taken by the politicians noted that the disasters, and said: . The reason for not taking the measures is the wrong policies implemented by power. Ön

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