Where to Make the First Time from the 3rd Airport

Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines (THY), will be officially opened with a ceremony to be held on October 21, first used by President Tayyip Erdogan on June 29. reported to be made to.

Explaining the process of moving to Istanbul New Airport and the future goals of THY, Ekşi stated that the moving process of THY will start at 31:02.00 on October 12 and this will take 800 hours. Ekşi pointed out that the companies that serve them together with THY will move to the new airport at the time, saying, “We are talking about 12 trucks of operation in moving. Equipment will be purchased from Ataturk Airport and taken to the new airport. During this 120-hour period, XNUMX aircraft will be transported empty, to the new airport. Our other planes will return to the new airport with and without passengers from abroad. ”

Expressing that the first flight of THY will be held at Istanbul New Airport as of October 31, at 14.00, Ekşi said, “We are looking forward to the new airport. Clinched his claim to be a global aviation projects in Turkey. The producer company is working hard to raise the airport on October 29. The tests are going on. ”

“The first flight to Ankara at home, to Azerbaijan and TRNC abroad”

Underlining that the passengers will not experience any victimization due to the mentioned move, Ekşi expressed that THY is planning to make its first flight from the new airport to Ankara at home, to Azerbaijan and TRNC abroad.

Ekşi, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure related to the process of moving to the new airport, State Airports Authority (DHMI), THY, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and other relevant institutions and organizations, periodical meetings, drawing attention to the airport, the passengers will not be injured in any way said about the transportation.

Stating that the passengers will arrive to the airport without any problems by public transportation, Ekşi said that they made an analysis of the passengers coming from Istanbul to the airport and determined which region, how many passengers will come from, and the municipality will put the public transportation vehicles accordingly.

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