Gokdere Junction 15 Day Ready

Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who examined the intersection arrangement activities in Gökdere, said that after the works planned to be completed in 15 days, trouble-free traffic flow will be ensured in the region.

In order to prevent traffic hurricane in the city center in Bursa, the intersection arrangement carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality continues at full speed. Investigating the work done in this direction at Gökdere Junction, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş stated that the regulation aiming to accelerate the flow of traffic will be completed within 15 days.

Citizen satisfied with the work

Alinur Aktaş, who stated that they are paying attention to traffic and transportation activities since the day he took office, stated that the activities they carried out within the framework of the Emergency Action Plan they prepared in order to prevent the transportation distress in the city center were welcomed by the citizens. In the following times, much more permanent and functional projects will be implemented President Aktas expressing the Police School, Orhaneli, Esentepe, Otosansit, Tuna Street FSM Boulevard, Besevler, Emek Besas, Çalı Hafize Hatun Mosque and İnegöl AVM roundabouts said the completion of the work. President Aktaş, Gökdere Kavşağı and İnegöl Municipality continued the ongoing efforts at the intersection of the Municipality.

Step-by-step relief in Gökdere

Chairman Aktas, Gökdere Junction will be removed from the round islands told. In the arrangements to be made here, additional strips will be added and signaling times will be shortened President Aktaş said, mes With the reduction of the storage distance and decreasing the waiting times, the junction will be made more efficient and efficient. Burada President Aktaş stated that they aim to complete the works within 15 days. Burs While the Metropolitan Municipality conducts this activity, BUSKİ, Bursagaz, UEDAŞ and Türk Telekom are working on infrastructure. Due to the construction can be experienced from time to time. Therefore, I apologize to our citizens. Hopefully, when we have completed our works, they will be happy here as in other intersections. In the next, there are Gürsu, Mihraplı-Akpınar avenues, Odunluk-Çamlıca and Yüksek İhtisas intersections which will be dealt with together with the intersection of Yıldırım Municipality Sports Complex, which is one of our most problematic intersections, Sırada he said.

Major investments in traffic at 2019

Chairman Aktas, on the one hand while organizing intersections, on the other hand bridged viaducts are preparing to put into service projects, he said. In the Action Plan, 26 intersection, strip expansion and bridge-related work will be completed by November, and thus a serious relief in traffic will be provided by President Aktas, 2019 Traffic Master Plan for the year they are continuing preparations, he said. Emphasizing that they will enter into more corporate and deep-rooted investments next year, President Aktaş said, paralel We want to create a structure that is parallel to Bursa's population, more livable and easier to reach. I hear and I'm happy. Our citizens say that the distance to 40 has already reached 25 minutes in minutes. Actually, this is a distance that should be passed in a minute, still long. Hopefully, we are in the process of calculating and reducing this to less time. I would like to thank my colleagues and their team for their patience. Için

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