34 Istanbul

UOP Photography Exhibitions

Conducted by the Republic of Turkey and the European Union, the Transport Operational Program (UOP), Istanbul Haydarpasa and Sirkeci Station with Zonguldak, Karabük, one in five photo exhibition held in Samsun, thousands of people were introduced. Large of citizens [more…]


Cooperation for Samsun-Sarp Railway

The heads of the city councils in the Black Sea gathered in Rize and decided to take action for Samsun-Sarp Railway. Army City Council President Ozgur Enginyurt, the meeting for the establishment of the Black Sea City Council Union has announced the decision. Samsun-SARP [more…]


Hidroana is not enough for success

Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Team (hydraulic valve) xnumx'üncü this year's Shell Eco Marathon held in Istanbul Turkey in the international arena competing in the race, 3 km / mxnumx'lik göğüsledi the degree of leadership. Hidroana wins the first prize [more…]

49 Germany

ICE has gone 25 miles between wagons

A passenger who put his luggage on the high-speed train in Germany suddenly climbed onto the wagon after the doors were closed and went 25 km. gone. An interesting event took place in Bielefeld, Germany. The passenger, who put his luggage inside the ICE, suddenly [more…]

35 Izmir

Konak Tram connects to Üçkuyular

Konak Tramway will start a new phase as of Tuesday, October 3rd. A section of Martyr Major Ali Official Tufan Street, which connects to the beach from Fahrettin Altay Square for the Üçkuyular connection of the line, 30 days [more…]