Haydarpaşa Solidarity, Held in the 300.Haftında Actions

📩 19/12/2018 16:23

12 Haydarpaşa Garda years after the end of the outline of the Haydarpaşa Solidarity outlining train services launched against the desired transformation of the 300. Today 01.10.2017 was held at Haydarpaşa Gar between 13.00 and 14.00.

During the event, Levent Değirmenci eş Haydarpaşa Gözbebeğim cular BTS Headquarters Executive Board Member Ahmet Eroğlu sang ğ O Demiryolcular Ses Girin Yolcular b. Haydarpaşa Solidarity Choir on ”Aman Bu Bean i music for Haydarpasa lyrics made of lyrics. The passengers in the ferry arriving gave their support to the action with applause.

Brief speech made by Tugay Kartal during the event briefly included the following statements.

We're here, we're not going anywhere.

Today, the Haydarpaşa Train Station building, which we are in front of for our action, has served the passengers and trains coming and going from Anatolia to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Anatolia for a period exceeding 300.

Haydarpaşa Train Station is expected to be transformed since 2005 by reason of the MARMARAY Project with a field exceeding approximately one million square meters.

Although this transformation was intended to be carried out in line with city planning, which was not of public interest, due to the spirit of the Olympics and fire, every time, the resistance and struggle of the Haydarpaşa Solidarity was discharged.

Eventually, the representatives of the power and the administrators of the corporation saw that the railway transportation could not be achieved without Haydarpaşa Garage and they prepared the new Haydarpaşa Gar extension scheme, which is the requirement of the aşa Haydarpaşa Gardır Gar Kalac ın slogan.

Haydarpaşa Gara not until the first train arrives 300 week 1300 week even though Abbas Duman'la (cat) Hamal Hasan here we're not going to a place Hayd

That Train Will Come!

Haydarpasa Gardir Gar will stay!

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