Cooperation for Samsun-Sarp Railway

The heads of city councils in the Black Sea gathered in Rize and decided to take action for Samsun-Sarp Railway. The Chairman of the Army City Council Özgür Enginyurt stated that it was decided to establish a Black Sea City Council Union for the railway.

Rize City Council as they met the President expressing Enginyurt free, "there is a combination of Turkey had a meeting with the City Council president. Due to a meeting in the region and in the region as well as Turkey's needs in the region were discussed. Samsun-Sarp Speed ​​Train Line became the most important agenda item I took my name. Many issues were discussed in Rize, which took two to three days, but the topic I raised was the Fast Train Line. After focusing on a subject and realizing it, it is more appropriate to turn to other projects. Bir

Enginyurt said that this study should be a very solid work on the ground and said, ine So these are important issues to go through the tunnels or the sea. In relation to this, each city council of the city will do its own work. This is the first plan. In order to ensure the ownership of all city councils and municipalities between Samsun and Sarp, we thought the establishment of the Black Sea City Councils Association. With the establishment of the Union, the most important project of the union will be to keep the high-speed train line between Samsun and Sarp on the agenda. The first meeting about this is the next one and a half months after the Army.

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