Buses Free on Republic Day

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made the municipal buses free of charge due to 29 October Republic Day. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that they experienced the pride and excitement of the 94 anniversary of the Republic. [more…]

1 America

New York subway picks up cards

New York City is moving to the new turnstile system that allows smartphones and credit cards on the entire public transportation network of the city, starting next year. Old cards will expire in 2023 in New York City [more…]

34 Spain

4 awards to IETT from Stevie Awards

IETT received 4 awards from the "Stevie Awards", the world's most prestigious business awards program, where international professionals and companies compete. The world's respected international business, which rewards successful organizations, projects and studies at international standards. [more…]

16 Bursa

WhatsApp line from BURULAŞ in Bursa

BURULAŞ, affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, continues to implement solution-oriented projects by developing its social media networks. In the statement made by BURULAŞ, “With the WhatsApp application on smartphones, we can contact you from anywhere with internet at 07: [more…]

16 Bursa

BURBAK is ready for season in Uludağ

BURBAK, which is the solution to the parking problem in Uludağ, accelerated its efforts in order to raise the bar of its service last year. Last year, BURBAK, finding solutions for the parking problem in Uludağ with its huge parking area, 3 [more…]

06 Ankara

School Service Tools Regulation Information Meeting

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan, regarding the Regulation on School Bus Vehicles, said, “The main thing is to make the regulation, but the more important thing is that this regulation can be responded to in the field, can be followed up, and that it is not disrupted. [more…]