Tumer of CHP: "Commuter Train is a must for Adana"

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy, Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Commissioner Zulfikar İnönü All of Adana on the eastern and western stressed the commuter rail line will connect to relieve the citizens and business people living in this region. Tumer, who visited Oğuz Saygılı, the Regional Director of State Railways, expressed the need for the suburban line that could connect the east and west of Adana.

Noting the development of Adana and taking into consideration the population ratio, Tümer said, hareket The commuter train is very important for Adana. Taking into account that the urban traffic has become a dead end, it is inevitable that this line is brought to Adana. Adana is a fast and secure system for suburban infrastructure. Suburban trains that provide daily home and office journey are among the fastest and most reliable systems that provide inter-city and inter-city travel between cities. Especially in Adana, where its population is crowded, it is certain that it will benefit the settlements that have frequent travel to and from the center. The aim should be the realization of the efforts towards the convenience of our citizens Amaç.

Pointing out that Adana's railroad track is enough for the suburbs, DDY Regional Manager Oğuz Saygılı said that DD If a decision is taken in this direction, we can start working easily Adana. Saying that the high-speed train work connecting Adana and Mersin continues in a coordinated manner with the municipalities, Saygılı said that the system will be activated in full capacity in 2020. Saygılı thanked Tümer for his visit and his interest in railways projects.

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