Hacı Bayram Minibus Stops Are Constructed With Modern Complex

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the durak Ulus Historic City Center Renovation Area UM project, which has revealed the historical identity of Ulus, has been closed behind Hacı Bayram Mosque and has closed modern minibus stops with the capacity of 650, as well as cultural center, science museum, closed market, boutiques it continues the work of the complex where food sections will take place.

Within the scope of the works that started in the last winter, nearly 21 percent of the construction of the 90-storey complex with an indoor area of ​​5 thousand square meters has been completed on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters.

In the project carried out in the style of Seljuk architecture; In addition to the modern minibus stops with 650 vehicle capacity, the congress center, science museum, exhibition grounds, eating areas and social facilities are located.

Before commencing construction work, the Metropolitan Municipality is planning to open the existing minibus stops to Kevgirli Street and to ensure that the passenger transportation services are kept uninterrupted and the new complex, 1,5, will be opened within the year.


In Ulus Cultural Center-Dolmuş Stops Project; On the 5 floor of the 2 storey complex, there will be modern stops to serve around 650 minibus.

The minibuses that will take their passengers from there will be able to depart from the appropriate section of their route without interrupting the traffic. Here, Artorium, Hasköy, Etlik, Aktepe, Kecioren, Incirli, Icy, Golbasi, Mamak, Siteler, Akdere, Abidinpaşa and Seyranbağları lines will be transported passengers.

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