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Founded in 1958, Anadolu University succeeded in X a lot of work in less time X. AÜ comes from a position to compete with national and international competitors, experiencing a golden age in the field of research, academic performance and broadcasting. Rector Dr. Naci Gundogan, told the development of the opening speech.

In cooperation with TUBITAK, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, TEI and many other strategic institutions, AU has carried out works that reduce 'foreign dependency' in recent years. From the domestic intelligence test to URAYSİM, from the Seismic Isolator Test Center to the center that will carry out the Boeing tests, very important projects were realized.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Anadolu University 2017-2018 Academic Year, Rector. Dr. Naci Gundogan, universities, research and development, education and training activities directly to the community, including three main tasks, he said. Addressing the 'Research, academic performance and publication' activities carried out at the university. Dr. Gündoğan said: AR In 2014, we entered the 10 University, which has benefited from the TÜBİTAK Technology Transfer Office grant program and we established ARİNKOM Technology Transfer Office. In 2017, the number of faculty members who will receive academic incentives increased by 41 percent when compared to the previous year, while the number of full number of faculty members has increased significantly by 607. Again, TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology were selected in the first 10 board and became Technology Accelerator Program Practitioner. Individual Young Enterprise branches in Turkey TÜBİTAK he has selected one of the 17 organizations. In 2015, the EU Scientific Research Project (BAP) Directive, a new project type for instructors, was issued. In the 2016 BAP performed for the first time in Turkey Sectors Supported System was used.

Professor Dr. Gündoğan continued as follows: de Another remarkable development in our university in recent years was the increase in broadcast performance. While the total number of publications has been approximately five thousand since the foundation of the university, when we look at the total of our publications in 2015-2016, we see that this number constitutes the 20 of all publications. Another increase in 2014-2017 was in the number of lecturers assigned to Teknopark and this number reached 356. One of the agreements we have made with public institutions is the Protocol of Researcher Training Program (SAYP) that we made with the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. Up to now, six projects have been developed. We founded the Yunusemre Observatory at Borabey Pond, which is also part of our university. Yine

Turkey's First Native Intelligence Scale

Underlining that Turkey's First Native Intelligence Scale (ASIS) was developed by AU within the scope of a BAP project, Prof. Dr. Gündoğan continued his words as follows: “Project manager Prof. Dr. Thanks to the devoted work of 20 academics, along with Uğur Sak, an important 100-year-old dream of Turkey has been realized and put into the service of the Ministry of National Education. Next year, approximately 4 million 12 thousand students in the age group of 1-200 will pass this intelligence test. We can say that this intelligence test provides an added value to our country, both economically and socially. Another important project is our URAYSİM Project, which was started in 2011. In the last three years, we could not start our project due to bureaucratic obstacles, but we overcame these obstacles last year and this is how our project started. Its construction is now 80% complete. I would like to give the good news that we will go to the first tender for test instruments in November. Significant acceleration in the last 2 years kazanAnother center of ours was the Civil Aviation Center of Excellence. Thanks to this center, some strategic tests previously carried out by Boeing will now be carried out at our university. In this context, in cooperation with TEI, the establishment of a laboratory for the tests of aircraft engine parts has started.”

Another first from the AU: Seismic Isolator Test Center

Rector Gündoğan, who also gave the good news of the Seismic Isolator Test Center, which will be officially opened during the National Earthquake Congress to be held at AU on October 12, and will take its place among the firsts of AU, said: Behavior tests of the isolators, which prevent the building from being damaged by allowing it to move against earthquake movements, will be carried out by AU. Expressing that AU has also undertaken projects of open education and special education centers in recent years, Prof. Dr. Gündoğan continued the innovations within the university as follows: “In 2015, the Doping and Narcotic Substances Analysis Laboratory (DOPNA-LAB) became operational within the Faculty of Pharmacy. As a result of the evaluation made by the AU ARINKOM TTO, TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, it deserves to be one of the first 10 TTOs selected for the Technology Transfer Acceleration (TTH-Turkey) Project. kazanwas. Another remarkable development has been the increase in the number of national and international patents in recent years. The number of national and international patents, which was one in 2013, increased to 2016 in 27. Again at ISF 2017, the patent of AU titled Enhanced Weight Reduction Type Seismic Energy Source Equipment was awarded a gold medal by the Turkish Patent Institute. The Technology Oriented Accelerator Program (TechUP), funded by BEBKA and run by AUARINKOM TTO, was the first accelerator program for start-ups in the region. AU ARINKOM, which is one of the 20 implementing organizations in Turkey, became the second best implementing organization in Turkey with a 1512% success in 2016 within the scope of the 60 Techno-enterprise Capital Support Program of TTO. In 2017, this rate was increased to 70 percent. One of the laboratories we have established in recent years has been the Finance Laboratory established within the FEAS. Another issue that we attach importance to as a university was to apply to external sources. Every year, about 80 academicians from our university apply to external funding sources for their R&D projects. In the last four years, 97 projects funded by other institutions were carried out, and for the first time, TÜBİTAK projects were given in the fields of fine arts and music. Between 1958 and 2014, AU took part in a total of 53 European Union Projects, both as a partner and as an executive. In the last four years, this number has increased to 22. Within the scope of AU, BEBKA 2014 Financial Support Program, the Cartoon (Animation) Research and Development Center Project was implemented and the 'Motion Capture' studio was established at the end of the project. There have been important developments in the scientific research projects of our university. 2014 scientific research projects were accepted in 434, 2015 in 632, 2016 in 683 and 2017 scientific research projects as of September 428. Between 2014 and 2017, 806 scientific research projects were successfully concluded. The number of ongoing scientific research projects between 2014 and 2017 reached 1286. In the same years, 4 researchers took part in supported scientific research projects.”

43 of the faculty members appointed in the last four

Rector Dr. Gündoğan: There have been important developments in the appointment of faculty members, and 1053 of 43 has been appointed in the last four years.
We opened our new student cafeteria. We serve a thousand people per day 24. In addition, our students have the opportunity to have three meals a day for three pounds.
The number of our foreign students has reached 43 with a percentage increase of 1194. The number of foreign students in graduate programs also increased 2014 by 2016 by 150.

He also touched upon the developments in formal education. Dr. Gündoğan said, an We have renewed the courses in faculties, colleges and institutes in order to enable students to participate in classes under better conditions. We have opened new departments and programs, including Mechanical Engineering and Turkish Music Departments. In addition to this, we opened six doctoral programs, six graduate programs and one qualification program in art. Important developments have been made in the appointment of faculty members and 1053 of 43 has been appointed for the last four years. We opened our new student cafeteria for students. In this way, we can serve 24 thousand people a day. In addition, our students have the opportunity to have three meals a day for three pounds. 2015 / 7 started to provide service in 24 which is another environment used by our students. We are offering tea, coffee and soup for our students in our library which is enriched with new materials. We also support our students' participation in scientific, artistic and sporting events. Thanks to the AÜTürkçe Teaching and Research Center (TÖMER), which we opened in 2016, we are teaching Turkish to students from different geographies of the world. In this context, we graduated our students over the first year 100. We also experienced a significant increase in the number of foreign students. 2013 833 2017 1194 43 2014 2016'de an increase in the number of 150. In addition, the number of foreign students in graduate programs increased by 2014 to XNUMX by XNUMX. One of the places we opened new service was the AÜTürk World Research Center (TÜDAM). In addition, during the four-year period, we completed all the accreditation processes of our university nationally and internationally. One of the achievements achieved in XNUMX was the Excellence Award received by our engineering faculty X.

Open Education System students are considered in every field

He also spoke about the Open Education System. Dr. Gündoğan, Open Education System project publication numbers, Anadolum e-Campus and Anatolia Facebook services, e-Learning materials enrichment, Open education in the industry and open education services to be realized via e-Government, the beginning of publication of scientific journals, theology. start of publishing, 36 in the province with the presentation of the certificate of achievement in the ceremony of the graduation ceremony in Germany, the establishment of new offices and exam centers abroad, the addition of new departments and programs to the Open Education System, the establishment of online student communities, the first Open Education Library , Accreditation studies, Possibility of acquiring Open Education Publications, Open-ended Question Application, Open Education Publications in Radio A, Student Sending Students Abroad in the scope of European Voluntary Services, Planting Tree Activity, Presenting Ottoman Classics to Students, Open Access System, Open Education System, He gave detailed information about the open education videos, Anabilgi Platform and Video Glossary, the awards of the Open Education System in the international fields, the YÖKDİL exam topics.

Works in the field of community service

Prof. Dr. Öztürk also talked about the projects of Anadolu University, who signed many works in the field of community service and university-city relations. Dr. Gundogan, "Turkish World of Science, Culture and Art Center, Hasan Polatkan Airport, archaeological excavations Anadolu University lecturers by in different regions of Turkey, Eskisehirspor and supports made to Eskisehir Basket club, was found in the description worthy of interest as the Community Service Award threads Anadolu University .

The campuses have been completely renovated

In recent years, in the sense of infrastructure, Anadolu University also informs about the innovations. Dr. Gundogan, said: N Yunus Emre Campus 1600-meter perimeter walls were renewed. The asphalting and tretral renovation work was completed. Rain water sewage system and green field automatic irrigation system was established. Our Campuses; disabled and greened. Besides, the building renovation and additional block works continue. In this context, many units, central and social area construction is being completed and many projects are planned to be implemented in the new period. Finally, I would like to point out that the Center for Excellence in International Rail Systems, the Center of Excellence in Civil Aviation, the Center of Excellence in Special Education and the Center of Excellence in Open and Distance Learning for our university are of great importance. Un

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