Sultan LF will bring a new breath to city passenger transportation

📩 19/12/2018 16:14

With its R & D power, 50 has achieved many firsts in the bus market for more than a year, and Otokar continues to set trends in urban passenger transport. Otokar, which has a wide product range with solutions suitable for different needs, will bring a new breath to passenger transportation with Sultan LF.

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, continues to lead the sector with Sultan, the leader of the small bus market, which is the most preferred in public transportation in recent years. With its R & D power, Otokar always demonstrates its difference with the vehicles it develops in line with customer expectations and will bring a new breath to passenger transport with its new city bus Sultan LF.

Developed in line with the expectations of municipalities, private public coaches and cooperatives, Sultan LF provides a great advantage to its user with its operating costs and low fuel consumption. Sultan LF, which impresses with its stylish and modern appearance reflecting Otokar's innovative understanding in the sector, promises a new experience to its users and passengers with its features beyond expectations from modern design to technology.


With its wide front and rear doors, full-bottomed body structure, high maneuverability, Sultan LF will offer a modern solution to narrow street cities with a length of 8.4 meters. Sultan LF, which can be produced with 21 + 4 (folding) + 35 + 1 (optional), 21 + 42 + 1 and 21 + 1 (wheelchair) + 35 + 1 (wheelchair) as standard, makes a difference in urban transportation.


Being the only low-floor bus in its class, Sultan LF also draws attention with its passenger capacity, disabled passenger ramp, large passenger area and high torque value that allows you to easily climb the ramps. Separating from its competitors with its special driver zone separated from passengers, short gear lever and comfortable driving, Sultan LF offers standard equipment such as air conditioning, camera and recording systems and digital line signs as standard.


Offering superior performance in all kinds of road conditions with its powerful engine, Sultan LF offers power and economy together with its light body structure. Sultan LF, which protects the user's budget with its low fuel consumption and operating expenses, provides profit in every aspect.

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