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Meram Son Durak To Have A Different Face

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who examined the underground-storey car park and cable car station construction in Meram Son Durak, one of the most important touristic areas of Konya, stated that the parking lot was manufactured in a way to add aesthetics to the region. Total [more…]

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Charter aircraft solution from Sertrans Logistics

Sertrans Logistics provides solution to its customers who want to move to the regions where the scheduled flights are not preferred or where there are no direct flights. Nilgün Keleş, Sertrans Logistics CEO, says that the charter flights have enabled customers to bring their business potential to the whole world. [more…]


MOTAŞ was in Full Capacity Task for First Day of Schools

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ, which carries out the public transportation of Malatya on the first day of the opening of the schools, was on the field at full capacity. In the statement that they were carrying out full capacity public transportation service on the first day of the 2017-2018 Academic Year, MOTAŞ General Directorate stated that “ [more…]


Trained City Bus Driver Saved Lives in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality bus driver, the bus while driving to the hospital by raising the traveler to the hospital while saving his life, demonstrated by the example of humanity has collected. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, trained, careful and precise drivers to collect the public's appreciation [more…]

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Sustainable Intelligent Transportation Award to IETT

Within the scope of the European Mobility Week organized by the Istanbul Cycling Association, IETT General Manager Arif Emecen was awarded for his contributions to smart transportation solutions. In the European Mobility Week, which has been celebrated annually on 2002-16 September since 22, [more…]


WABTEC Visits TÜDEMSAŞ for Investing in Sivas

WABTEC in deciding which company to invest in Sivas TÜDEMSAŞ has visited Wabtec Brake Systems company officials that they plan to produce in Turkey came to Sivas for investment. Company officials who are in the decision-making process for investment have come to TÜDEMSAŞ and the General Manager [more…]

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İZBAN Wagons Flooded

The wagons of İZBAN, whose business is in the Metropolitan Municipality, flooded due to a malfunction in the air conditioner. The failure to intervene in the fault for days infuriated the citizens. IZBAN, operated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, flooded in the non-rainy weather. With frequent corruption of İZBAN before [more…]

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Fast Train Will Finally Come to Çorum

AK Party Deputy of Çorum, Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission and Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Turkish Group Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydınin his office. Deputy Ceritoğlu, Black Sea to Central Anatolia, [more…]


OMÜ tramline will catch up with next season

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır stated that the university tram line will reach the next season and said, "We attach importance to public transportation". Stating that the infrastructure works of the tram at Ondokuz Mayıs University are continuing rapidly, Çakır said, “This is not a season but [more…]

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2 reinforcement to the Gulf fleet

The Metropolitan Municipality, which brings together the Izmir Bay with high standard 15 passenger and 3 car passenger ships, will be tendered for 2 new car ships. Financing of new ships to be purchased will be done with credit agencies led by the World Bank institution IFC. [more…]

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Konak tram works closed due to Alsancak road 15 days

In Konak Tramway, which is being constructed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it was the turn of rail laying in Sait Altınordu Square. During the works that will start on Wednesday, September 20 and will be completed in 15 days, the vehicles will take a U-turn over Liman Street to reach the 1st Kordon. [more…]

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School density at metrobus stops

With the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, citizens who do not want to stay in the school intensity filled the metrobus stops in the early hours of the morning. In Avcılar, known as the transfer center in metrobuses, long queues were formed in front of the vehicles. Most used public transportation in Istanbul [more…]