Atatürk Park is the final point of controversy about the cable car station

📩 24/11/2018 17:03

Gumushane city center was built by the Mayor of the period Sebahattin Aytaç Ataturk Park in 1965 year, the end of the debate about the cable car station was put. The station will be built on the edge of the park by pulling the 30 meter forward.

Gumushane city center was built by the Mayor of the period Sebahattin Aytaç Ataturk Park in 1965 year, the end of the debate about the cable car station was put. The station will be built on the edge of the park by pulling the 30 meter forward.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Environment Commission and AK Party Gumushane Deputy Cihan Pektas, Mayor Ercan Cimen and the contractor firm with the authority has become the number one issue of the agenda of the agenda of the Ataturk Park.

Karşıyaka A thousand 50 meters long, 454 person carrying capacity per hour and 3,5 per minute station will be located in the area where the pool is located in the Atatürk Park.

Gumushane political parties and non-governmental organizations mobilized by the press also criticized the establishment of a cable car station in the middle of the park. CHP Provincial Chairman Bedri Agac, City Council President Hasan Pir, GUSIAD Gumushane Branch Chairman Ali Ates issued a statement on the subject, MHP Provincial Chairman Nadim Aydin in the park on September 21 announced that they would criticize the situation.

Evaluating the new location of the ropeway station after the reviews, Pektas said that there are 2 targets in the ropeway project, one of them is to occupy the park in the least way, and the second is to implement the project in a way to remove the least tree.

“We carry out our project in a way that will occupy the park at least and remove the trees at least”

With the latest study, 12 grain tree will be removed from Erzurum with a machine to be transferred to another part of the park noted that Pektas, “I am also the chairman of the Environment Commission. So we know how precious a tree is. If you plant such a tree instead of another tree, but 20 occurs annually. Therefore, we realize our project in a way that both occupies the park at least and removes the tree at least. We have no problems. ”

It will be a first in Turkey

Gumushane Karşıyaka Nature Park and the cable car Noting that the first job of a Pektas in Turkey, said: "Build-Operate-circuit model made by the first ski lift and a nature park here. To date, the ministry has always been doing public investment in nature parks. For the first time here, both the cable car and the nature park on the 840 acres above are built with the build-operate-transfer model. Only the cost of the ropeway will reach 6,5 million euros. ”

“3,5 will reach the nature park in minutes, 454 will carry people per hour”

Pektas stated that they are in constant contact with the contractor company and that they want the best company in the world to make the cable car. Pek Negotiations were held for a long time. The projects were completed and finished. Nice project. There is a capacity that can carry 454 people per hour. 3,5 per minute Karşıyaka We're going to the Nature Park. A thousand 50 meters long project. The infrastructure of the natural park was also almost built. At present, only the company will build 22 bungalow house in accordance with future Gümüşhane architecture. These are the projects we will do in the first place. Later, if requested, new projects can be considered within the natural park. There will be our social space and facility. Maybe weddings. 10-12 will finish the construction of this place in a period of months. 30 is the company that will operate for years. Then it will be transferred back to the public ”.

“Some things are hard to imagine even when it's first”

Pointing out that it is even hard to imagine this because they have done some things for the first time in Gümüşhane, “Sema Doğan park is in the middle. Everyone was very pleased. It's so crowded that people can't find a place. Maybe 2 sema born park if we have more capacity to remove it in Gumushane, ”he said.

“There are serious public investments in Gümüşhane”

Puntas said that cities like Gumushane are predominantly public investments., There are serious public investments in Gumushane. We want to make Gümüşhane a modern city. No one should be taken: Gümüşhane was a big village. There were not even the most basic service units of the Municipality in Gümüşhane. They're all being done right now, and they're starting to emerge. Our fire department, operation building, slaughterhouse, modern market place. We still have a lot of work to do. There are conditions for a city to be a modern city. A: First of all you will have clean and quality drinking water. You will have what is standard in the world. Two: You will collect your wastewater in a modern way and take it without harm to the environment and treat it in the treatment plant and give it to the receiving environment. Three: You will collect and dispose of your solid waste on a regular basis. Four: You will surely have your ring road. Five: You will have social areas. You need to have social spaces to meet the daily needs of our people. These are parks, shopping malls and other social areas. We are working in Gümüşhane. Lots of space to do in the green area and park. For example, the location of the Directorate of Agriculture. We show another place to the Ministry of Agriculture. There 2 thousand square meters area green area and wish to make parking. We need to increase the parking spaces. Currently, there is no environment where people can go and eat with their families and their children can spend time while eating. We said that's why we had the shopping center built. This building and shopping center in Gümüşhane are build-operate-transfer model. The value of our two projects is over 50 million pounds. We do these things ”.

“12 will be finished in months”

Murat Ağcabağ, the contractor company official, wished the gondola lift would be beneficial to Gümüşhane and said, “I hope we will finish it in 12 month without any problems. We are now Gümüşhaneli. You will see it will add value here in a few years. A tree is very important to us. 1,5-2 has been working for days and we have moved the project. We have now pushed the 30 meter forward, ”he said.