34 Istanbul

NASA's Istanbul share attracted attention

NASA shared the photos taken from outer space under the title of fotoğraf photo of the day NAS and chose Istanbul this time. The photograph, taken by an astronaut at the International Space Station, emphasized Istanbul's location and details of the city. National Aviation [more…]


RayHaber 27.09.2017 Tender Bulletin

Sincan - Ali Fuatpaşa Cleaning of Drainage Channels in the YHT Line Bozüyük Logistics Center Supply Construction Will Be Constructed The Renewal and Renovation of S49 Type Rails Worn in Ankaray Operation Lines


Di Restoration of TCDD Housing ehir by Gaziantep Büyükşehir

The winners of the competition to promote the projects and practices of preserving the historical and cultural heritage organized by the Union of Historic Cities (MARA) were identified. According to this; “Application Award Gaziantep for the restoration project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's TCDD Lodging Project [more…]