Rails on Konak Tram Line Reached Ziya Gökalp

Within the scope of Konak Tramway, which is being built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, line productions will start on Ziya Gökalp Boulevard on Tuesday, September 12. During the works aimed to be completed in 30 days, ESHOT buses and all vehicles using Ziya Gökalp Boulevard will be directed to Şair Eşref Boulevard.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its line production on four lines in Konak Tramway, is increasing the tempo gradually. Within the scope of the works, it came to Ziya Gökalp Boulevard, one of the important connection roads of Alsancak traffic. As of Tuesday, September 12, bidirectional rail laying works, which will reach approximately 360 meters, will take place between Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard - Ziya Gökalp Boulevard and Vahap Özaltay Square and this part of the boulevard will be closed to traffic completely. During the works, ESHOT buses and other vehicles using Ziya Gökalp Boulevard will use the Poet Eşref Boulevard. Line laying and landscaping works to be done in Ziya Gökalp Boulevard will be completed in 30 days.

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