TCDD employees support the İZBAN strike

Support to İZBAN strike from TCDD employees: The strike, which has started since İZBAN has not reached an agreement in the collective agreement, continues. The workers received support from the TCDD workers in the same sector.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, which is a partnership with İZBAN, is a strike that starts from a dispute in the negotiations with TIS 5. There was no new conversation between the parties. While there are no trips on the 110 kilometer line in Torbalı-Çiğli, the voyages between Aliağa and Çiğli continue through subcontractors. The workers in the strikes received support from TCDD workers who were in the same sector. The workers of TCDD said that they will be with İZBAN workers until the strike is successful.

Kemal Yildiz, the Head of the Turkish Railways Association (TCDD), criticized the Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu for not responding to the demand of the workers. Ur If the President does not respect the laborers who lifted the 300 thousand people a day, they do not know anything about it. In the morning, they will go to İZBAN at the 07.00, they will see the community and they will decide, k said Yıldız. I'm hard at the 15 hour because of morning traffic. The roads of İzmir are insufficient. In the morning there is a stagnation of stops, Sabah he said.


Stating that the right of the workers of İZBAN carrying İzmir should be given the right, Yıldız said: emek They have a family. Most of our friends are university graduates. You're delivering a million-cent machine. Their psychology needs to be smooth. They work under thousands of volts of energy. They come and go under that high tension every day. These people have a cancer risk. All this needs to be considered. 'If we give high wages, the balances are broken,' he says, 'what does the president have already received?' You're the mayor of 100. 'Izmir, Azizdir, Aziz Kalacak' we said. Thousands of laborers worked for you, when you were on trial. This shouldn't be the case. As TCDD workers, we will support our friends and support them to the end. Biz


Emphasizing the technical and difficult work of the workers of İZBAN 3 annual TCDD Employee Emre Bayrak, UM These friends used sets, locomotives are not simple things. A mechanic doesn't catch up easy. It takes a long time to come to this information. It's not like having a driving license for 1000 and getting an E-driving license and being a bus driver. Friends pay less than bus drivers. Arkadaşlar


The flag indicating that they are next to the employees of İZBAN as TCDD machinist, X 12-13 came on the hourly hour, I was on the road all night and I came to the friends. The mechanics profession must have a certain status. Salary and social rights should also be withdrawn to this level. What they want is actually a figure below what they deserve. Edik


Oğuz Özçamlı, the TCDD employee and the United Transport Trade Union affiliated to KESK, expressed that they support the strike of İZBAN workers as a union. Özçamlı, who says that the people of İZBAN, who entrust the lives of thousands of passengers every day, pay wages for what they deserve. In terms of wages below the hunger limit, the percentages have no meaning. What is more, an uncertain 'performance' criterion has been introduced, which includes the conditions of not being allowed and not getting sick within the month worked. Üst


Oğuz Özçamlı pointed out the dangers of the İZBAN administration to employ subcontracted workers between Aliağa and Çiğli to break the strike. This is the risk of traffic breakdown as well as strikes. In this period, when our job security was opened for discussion by the most competent authorities, trying to break the strike by subcontractors is also an indication of what kind of job security is desired in the future. All these counter-actions are not legitimate, not ethical, not legal. These strikes should be immediately abandoned and the rightful demands of İZBAN workers should be accepted. Bir

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