"Park Free, Keep Your Way" Application in Bursa

BURBAK, which solves the problem of parking in Bursa with its closed, open and technological parking areas, will be able to solve the traffic density that will be experienced at the beginning of the school season with the “park, carry on” parking areas that are free of charge.

BURBAK, a subsidiary of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, provides service to hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day with its modern parking lot service provided to Bursa. BURBAK, which contributes greatly to traffic as well as parking, saves citizens from the traffic density by emphasizing the importance of public transportation with the "park, continue" stations. Citizens who leave their vehicles free of charge at the "park continue" car parks at Emek Station, Esentepe - Bağlarbaşı station, İhsaniye station, İncirli station, Kültürpark station, Nilüfer station, Organize Sanayi station and Kestel station can continue on their way without a traffic jam.

BURBAK General Manager November Sahin, with the opening of the schools will concentrate on the traffic will draw attention to the vehicle owners 'park, continue,' informed the application. Mr. Kasım Şahin pointed out that the use of public transportation vehicles and especially subways in the name of traffic relief is now necessary for the people living in the metropolis. He underlined that the parking areas located close to the metro stations are free of charge all day. Sahin, who come to a certain place with their vehicles “park, keep going uygulama car parks, stating that they can go anywhere they want by metro. Araç This application makes positive contributions to the city, the citizens and the environment. The drivers who use the 'park, keep' parking garages avoid traffic jam, pay less fuel costs and have a cleaner environment because they reduce the emissions of harmful gases. As BURBAK, we wish all our drivers to act in line with this sensitivity. BUR

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