7 × 24 working hours in Konak Tram

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working with a breathtaking tempo to quickly complete the Alsancak stage of Konak Tramway. While the teams worked 24 hours a day, 3 dates were determined for the end of the works at 3 critical points affecting the traffic flow in Konak-Alsancak axis. The first target is to open the section in front of the Alsancak Station to traffic until August 18, when the International Fair will start.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is continuing the production works of the tram project that it initiated in order to bring the public transportation in the city to modern standards. The line manufacturing works on Şair Eşref Boulevard on the route of Konak Tramway started between Lausanne Square and Alsancak Mosque and was completed until Montreux Square. Work on Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard from the other branch was completed.

The works within the scope of the line tram production of Konak Tramway have been continuing on the most difficult part of the route since Monday, July 31. Traffic flow in the region between Alsancak Station and Vahap Özaltay Square, which is one of the bottlenecks of road transportation in the city, is given only in the direction of Halkapınar from a single lane.

In order to relieve the urban traffic, the 3 located on the Alsancak-Konak axis has identified a separate date for the 3 critical points.

Alsancak Station will be opened in front of the Fair
Metropolitan Municipality is working at night to finish the work in this sensitive region which increases the traffic density in the city center before the planned schedule. 24 86 18 XNUMX XNUMX. XNUMX will be completed on August in Izmir International Fair.

Will reach Montreux-Cankaya Bayram
The second goal of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in terms of business schedule is to relieve the traffic flow between Montreux and Cankaya. The works, which continue on the Poet Eşref Boulevard between Montreux Square and Cankaya in two stages, are expected to be completed by 31 August before the Eid al-Adha.

Konak-Gazi Boulevard until the schools are opened
The works from Cumhuriyet Boulevard to Gazi Boulevard will be completed on 2017 September, when the 2018-18 Academic Year will begin. With the works in the region between Sait Altınordu Square and Liman Street, it is aimed to make the productions between Meles Deresi Bridge and Halkapınar along Şehitler Street, without causing any intensity in traffic, and to end all production at the end of November.

It's worth the trouble.
Stating that the ever-increasing population and the number of vehicles in İzmir has made it a necessity to put the rail system into use in urban public transportation, Metropolitan Municipality officials said, “We have to bear these troubles for a short time in order to achieve a modern, fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation system. When the work is finished and the tram goes into service, we will see together that it is worth the difficulties we experienced during manufacturing. ”



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