Cars flew to the tramway in Konya

The car under Yeşim Bacak, which came out of control when it was compressed by a car in KONYA, flew to the tramway.
Fatmanur Bacak, daughter of the driver Yeşim Bacak, who was injured in the accident, shed tears by saying "Look at my mother" to the paramedics who helped her.
The accident occurred on the central Selçuklu District Nalçacı Avenue around 00.30. The 37-CUP 42 license plate car, which is under the direction of Yeşim Bacak, a 83-year-old, driving in the direction of Nalçacı Caddesi from the center direction, was allegedly compressed by the car, at the beginning of which the driver's identity and license plate could not be determined. Upon this, the automobile, where Yeşim Bacak lost control of the steering wheel, flew to the tramway. Yeşim Bacak, who survived the accident without getting injured, asked for help by removing the 17-year-old Fatmanur Bacak from the vehicle and moving it to the opposite sidewalk.
112 medical teams coming to the scene made the first intervention to the young girl at the scene. While the Fatmanur Leg was put on an ambulance with a stretcher, the paramedics said, “Look at my mother. Mom is hurting you too much? ”She shed tears. Mother Yeşim Bacak, who did not leave her daughter for a moment, comforted her daughter by saying “I am fine”. It was learned that Fatmanur Bacak, who was taken to Meram Training and Research Hospital by ambulance, had no life threats. The tramway, which was closed for 15 minutes, was reopened with the pull of the car. Investigation into the accident continues.

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