General Directorate of TCDD

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways: General Directorate of TCDD is located on Talatpaşa Boulevard, northwest of Ankara Gar.

The German Architect Bonatz, one of the jury members of Anıtkabir project competition, said, “I think this is the most beautiful building in Ankara ür. It was designed by Master Architect Bedri Ucar from the Project Office of the Ministry of Public Works and was donated to Haymil Construction Company for 1 million liras.

The construction of the General Directorate of TCDD, one of the most beautiful works of Turkish Architecture, was started in 1939.

MS 3 during the construction of the building. and 4. century found two graves. The boiler and radiators of the building were constructed in the Eskişehir workshops of TCDD General Directorate.

The building, completed in 1941, consists of the middle mass around the courtyard (floor + 3 floor). In the building constructed as reinforced concrete, the floors are asmolene and the facade is stone.

II. One of the examples of the National Architecture Period is entered with a high colonnade of honor from the front. This site is covered with Bilecik and Hereke marble.

The building is thought to be wider than it is now, but it has been implemented by decreasing the depth due to the request of the conference hall and the narrow area of ​​the building. In addition to the colonnaded entrance at the front of the building, two entrances were considered in the railway line front.

Today, the building of the General Directorate of TCDD is composed of the middle mass, the 4 wing and the building in the middle courtyard.

The first project of the TCDD General Directorate Building was designed as a floor + 3 floor in the middle mass around the courtyard and as floor + 2 floor in the side wings. However, the building could not be contracted in the form of the first design, namely the middle mass + side wings, and the construction of the side wings was postponed.

The wings were arranged in 3 as basement + 4 floor, not in the basement + 1958 floor as different from the first project. A cafeteria hall was held on the top floor of the right wing.

3.kanat 1974

The garage and lodging building entering the construction site were demolished in 1976, then in 1979 4 on the side of the railway side Gazi. wing addition.

I Headquarters Medium Garden Center Cafeteria Meeting Room and Documentation Center Construction Toplantı Completed in 1986. Today, this building in the central courtyard has a cafeteria, a library, a conference hall, a barber shop and kitchen spaces.



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