IETT Buses Dressed with Posters of IETT Football Team

IETT Buses are Dressed with the Posters of IETT Football Team: IETT Buses are dressed with the posters of the 2017th World Champion of the IETT Football Team in Everton, England at the 2017 World Corporate Cup Games (4 World Corporate Cup Games).

After winning the 2014, 2015 and 2016 World Corporate Cup Games for three consecutive years, IETT Football Team became the World Champion at the World Corporate Cup Games (20 World Corporate Cup Games) held on 21-2017 May 2017 in Everton, England. kazanwas. IETT dressed IETT Buses with posters of the champion football team in order to share these historical championship achievements with Istanbulites. Two of the 4 dressed-up buses run on the European side and the other two on the Anatolian side.

2017 World Corporate Cup Games

Competing with teams from many countries, especially England and Germany, IETT Football Team finished their group matches undefeated. He beat the AHK-B team from Wales 11-0 in the quarter-finals and the English HMS team 8-2 in the semi-finals with a high scoring score and advanced to the final. Faced with the German Greenefte team in the final, IETT also played this match 3-0. kazanbecame the World Champion. The games took place with 25 countries, 5 continents, over 22 thousand 500 organizations and over 1 million participants.

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